April 8th, 2022

Week 30- How the World Works

Building, making, creating, and having fun! Those words sumarize another great week of learning in EY2! The children showed much enthusiasm this week as they worked cooperatively to complete various learning engagements. 

The children continued their investigation into the properites of materials and how they can be used in different ways by making a volcano, resources for the airport, decorations for the Songkran Door Challenge and measuring the length and height of objects and people. 

The EY2 students got their hands dirty this week when making paper mache and painting decorations. Allowing the children to play with glue and paint helped them develop different vocabulary words for the materials, understand their properties better, as well as helped them create new nerve connections in their brains. Sensory play helps the brain develop new connections in the brain pathways, which in turn help the children become stronger problem solvers and thinkers. You can read more about the importance of sensory play here. 



Along with using paper to create paper mache and decoratoins, the children also used paper and other materials to make things for the airport. They made passports, an airplane, and things for the medical clinic. The children continued to practice their social and communication skills throughout the day as they played and had fun!


The children further strenghtened their understanding of materials and how they can be used in different ways when they used nonstandards units to measure the length and height of each other and other things in the classroom. The children used everyday objects such as paperclips and pastic toy chains to practice measuring and comparing people and objects. 


The EY2 students were great thinkers this week as they inquired into various concepts and ideas. The students continuted to explored the form and function of the letter ‘P’. They reviewed the sound the letter stands for, as well as how to correctly form the letter. They practiced forming the letter on their peer’s back and on paper. The children also learned more about Songkran and how it is connected to Thailand. The children wore traditional Songkran clothing, as well as completed Thai learning engagments to help them develop a deeper understanding of the special celebration. 


This week, our EY2 commuity had to say farewell to a great friend. They spend the last day together playing, eating popcorn, watching a movie, and having ice-cream. This is what our friend wanted to do on his last day of school. We wish him and his family all the best on their new adventure!


When we return after the holidays, we will have 2 new friends join EY2. We will spend the week getting to know them, as well as continue with our investigation into How the World Works. The children will recap the letters they learned these past few weeks, as well as continue exploring measurement and materials. 

We wish everyone a well deserved holiday and safe and happy Songkran. We wish you all health and happiness during Songkran and all year!

April 11th-15th- Songkran Break

April 18th- Back to School


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