April 22nd 2022

Week 31: How the World Works

It has been wonderful to reconnect with students after the Songkran holiday. They have returned back to school eager to learn, displaying wonderful listening skills and have really taken on our EY2 Essential agreement of being principled and caring.

Our role play area has been a heavily visited center this week with the hospital being a popular choice and a new interest in further developing our police station. The addition of some police uniforms, hats and handcuffs have really got the children engaged and we are currently building a police car from cardboard to include in our police station.

We have been discussing more about materials and considering their uses in relation to their properties. The children have been hunting around the classroom to find objects made of certain materials and have noticed that many objects are comprised of more than one material.

This week we have introduced the letter Ii, and the sound it makes.  We have looked at the letter formation as well as brainstormed words beginning with the ‘i’ sound.

Next week we will test different materials to see which have waterproof and absorbent qualities. We will continue to think about whether some materials are suitable for certain purposes/uses. With these ideas in mind we will create a challenge where the children have to construct a boat that floats and does not sink.

Within Maths we will continue to explore measurement and begin to use standard units in comparison of length, height and weight.

We will explore the sounds that the letter ‘C’ and ‘K’ as well as continually revise the sounds we have previously covered.

We will also begin to tune into our new unit of  How We Express Ourselves.


Please help your child to bring 1 new artifact for them to share next week.

Ms. Lisa has organised a Cartoon Character drawing competition for May 6th. Please see the flyer below for more details

May 2nd: Labour Day substitution (School closed)


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