April 29th 2022

Week 32: How the World Works

It has been a wonderfully busy week for EY2.

This week the children have been true scientists as they tested different materials such as plastics, paper, fabrics, silver foil and cotton to see if they were waterproof or absorbent. They used scientific skills of observation, classification, prediction and inferring to determine the properties of the materials at hand and they continually asked lots of related questions as they carried out their experiments. As the children tested materials they recorded their results into a T chart to show their findings. 

The children have been making slime these past few weeks as part of our ‘Materials’ unit. They have been able to observe the properties of different materials at various stages as the ingredients are mixed.

We have thought about jobs within the class that the students can be responsible for and this week we brainstormed ideas such as librarian, light monitor, line leader, caboose (back line), table and floor checkers, gardener as well as a stationary boss.

Within maths we have been doing lots of active counting up to 20 and have been looking for patterns within groups of objects to make our counting easier. The children have been using the balance scales to measure weight and we have introduced the concept of using non standard units to help us measure. This is where we use objects of the same weight or size to measure other objects.  So we used small paper clips or same sized blocks to measure a book or in the case of weighing we used small bears of the same weight.

Next week is a short week as Monday and Wednesday are public holidays. We will explore properties of 2D shapes as well as continue with our focus on number and counting. We will continue with tuning into our new unit of “How We Express Ourselves as we talk about how engaging in imaginative play develops our creativity. We will also further explore the C and K sound.


As mentioned last week, Ms. Lisa has organised a Cartoon Character drawing competition for May 9th. Please see the flyer below for more details. we have sent a large sheet of drawing paper home with your child today.

In EY2 we encourage the students to come to school on Monday the 9th May dressed as their favourite cartoon/comic character.

Student Led Conferences: On Monday, May 16th, we will be holding the Student Led Conference for the first time in 2 years! This conference provides an opportunity for your child to share his/her learning with you. The Student Led Conference is not a regular school day, however, students will be expected to arrive in their school uniform for their scheduled conference time. Each conference will be scheduled for up to an hour during which your child will share a variety of classroom learning experiences with you. The school will be sending out the sign-up sheet next week. We are very excited to welcome all of you to our classroom for the first time this year!

May 2nd: Labour Day substitution (School closed)

May 4th: Coronation Day (school & office closed)

May 16th: Student Led Conferences

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