May 13th 2022

Week 34: How We Express Ourselves

A wonderfully busy week with the EY2 students really immersing themselves into our new ‘How we express ourselves’.  We see the children joyfully using their imaginations to create and generate a myriad of different stories and situations in our new reimagined EY2 roleplay village which now incorporates  a Police station, hospital, shop and restaurant. Our cartoon/comic book character dress up day really inspired the children to use their imagination and take on roles of different characters.

We have continued with our choral reading of the familiar story of ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ where the children know the repetitive phrases and text well enough to read together and do the actions. Many children have also been busy in the creation station making binoculars as a prop for the story.

We have started to create our own stories and think of the range of characters we can add as well as the setting. Together we have thought about all of the Disney characters but more importantly the children have given thought to their own original characters such as animals, monsters, kitty fairies, vampires, Kings and Queens as well as knights, dragons, captains and robots.


In maths we have been exploring simple 2D shapes and their properties. The children have been creating shapes from different media and also making connections to shapes in the world around us.

They have been thinking about the different centers that they want to show parents for next week’s Student led Conferences. The children have been taking ownership of creating signs and labels for the SLCs.

We have been working on our letter formation of the letter ‘n’ and have introduced the ‘Kk,Cc’ sound.

Next week we are looking forward to welcoming parents into our classroom. We will continue with our exploration of the Kk and Cc sound and recap over all of the letters and sounds covered so far in EY2.

We will continue with creating a class story and work on developing our characters, settings and plot. The EY2 Roleplay village will take center stage as the children continue to create and imagine new stories and play scenarios.

Our exploration of shapes will continue as we take our investigations outside into our KIS environment as well as create a variety of shapes within the class.

May 16th: Student Led Conferences

June 9th: EY2 Class Party

June 10th:Last day of School-Early Dismissal

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