20th May 2022

Week 35: How We Express Ourselves

It was wonderful to have everybody in for SLCs this week. The children were so excited and took so much pride in being able to show their parents all that they do in class.

This week the children have been continuing to let their imaginations fly high as they create stories and new roleplay scenarios. It is wonderful to observe the different ways in which our students get creative. Some children use the roleplay village as a source of inspiration and then get creative and make props to support their play such as bracelets, walkie talkies and hats. Other children initially create objects from construction materials such as cars, planes and veterinary hospitals and then imagine stories and scenarios to go with their creations.

We have been busy building upon and co-constructing a story about a butterfly and duck. This week the children began to narrate and record the story and have brainstormed ideas for what will happen next. We are integrating IT with this project and using an app called Puppet Pals to record and animate their ideas.

We have been reading a book called ‘This is not a Box’ and the children in response are using their imaginations to think about what our big cardboard box will become. They then drew pictures to communicate their ideas.

Next week we will continue with our story of Bob the butterfly and Alice the duck. We will look at letter ‘Ee’ within our phonics sessions and will explore the sounds and words associated with this letter. We will further explore the properties of 2D shapes and take our investigations outside into our KIS environment as well as continue to create a variety of shapes within the class.


Next Friday will be house shirt day.

Please send in any big cardboard boxes that you may have at home as the children are excited to get creative with big boxes and have a myriad of ideas.

June 9th: EY2 Class Party

June 10th:Last day of School-Early Dismissal

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