2nd June 2022

Week 37: How We Express Ourselves

A short but wonderfully busy week here in EY2

The children have been working on building our EY2 rocketship and it is beginning to look ready for take off!

We have managed to get our story bout Bob and Apple (Butterfly and Duck) completed with some wonderful ideas and narration from the students about the storyline and what happens next.

The children have been continuing to use their imaginations in our roleplay village but also in creating simple maths games where they apply ideas and make connections to previous earning. A simple game of rolling a stone and then measuring how far it went using footsteps became very popular this week.

This week we continued with the letter ‘Ee’ where we looked at all of the different words we knew that started with the ‘e’ sound and we realised that the letter ‘Ee’ can make different sounds and not just ‘e’ as in egg!

It was Ms. June’s birthday yesterday (1st June).  The children were very excited to make her a card and then go and surprise her with a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday.

Today we went to see some a capella singers from Harvard University. They sang some Disney medlies just for us.

Next week we will have lots of fun and games as we prepare to say our goodbyes and finish off our last week in EY2.


We will have our last swimming class next week.

We will have our EY2, end of year party on Thursday. The children can dress in party clothes that day and have their swimming suits on underneath as usual. More information will follow on the party as the children decide what kind of party they want.


June 9th: EY2 Class Party

June 10th: Last day of School-Early Dismissal (11:40 am)

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