Week #32: Apr. 27th – May 1st

Unit of Inquiry #4: How We Express Ourselves
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Today we are starting our 4th and final unit of inquiry:
How We Express Ourselves: STORYTELLING

The central idea for this unit is, Purposeful storytelling can connect us with others.

The lines of inquiry that we will be exploring are:
– Ways of storytelling
– Purposes of storytelling
– Connecting through stories

We will be sharing a series of stories with the students over the next few days.
Students can access the ZOOM story links from the Specialist ZOOM Schedule.

If students are unable to attend a ZOOM story session, they will be able to access a recording of the story at the following link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/11hJXpTfLBSDyXDiva9nmJ5Ikjoq-yq-7Ekj5z2yad9E/edit?usp=sharing
(This document will be updated periodically).

Specialist ZOOM Schedule (and story links) for EY3: April 27th – 30th
(Please check ASAP)
This week, specialist teachers (Thai, Music, Art, and PE) have scheduled ZOOM meetings with the EY3 students. Please click on the link below for details. You can access the ZOOM links by clicking on the blue text under each subject/teacher name.


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Remote Learning Activities
Below is a link for this week’s Blue Book activities.
EY3 Home Learning Blue Book (Apr27-May01)
EY3 Home Learning Blue Book (Apr27-May01)
Apart from this, there are copies of our weekly plans as well as our schedule that includes students’ “I Can” statements as well as the Learning Objectives for each activity.
You can find these in the EY3 Weekly Planning and Home Learning (Emergencies) links under Pages on the right-hand side of this blog page.

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Choice Board
Here is a link to this week’s choice board (for Can Do activities):

We wanted to make it a bit of fun and engaging for you and your child. When you open the link, please click ‘Present’ and then you will be able to view the ‘Choice Board’.

Week #32 Choice Board (Apr 27 - May 1)

Click on the screen for the next slide. When you see the numbers, please click the middle of the number (not the shape surrounding it) to bring up the new slides.

We hope you and your child have fun with these activities. If your child would like to share their new learning they can do so on Seesaw. Have fun!

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Yearbook Photos
Yearbook Photo CLIPARTReminder – Please click on the images below to check if your child’s photo is in the correct place. If your photo is missing, please make sure to upload it by clicking +Add Response under the appropriate activity.

Naga andTosakan Erawan and Hanuman

If you added your photo by clicking the +Add button shown in the image below, the photo will not be in the correct place.


This also applies to any assigned Activity on Seesaw.
Clicking +Add Response ensures that your media gets uploaded to the correct place.

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Important Dates
calendar reminderHouse Shirt Day – Thu. 30th Apr.
Labour Day –
Fri. 1st May (NO SCHOOL)
Coronation Day –
Mon. 4th May (NO SCHOOL)
HM Queen Suthida’s BirthdayWed. 3rd June (NO SCHOOL)

Letters from KIS Administration
Please click on the link below to view the letter to parents from Mr. Paul.

Parent Update, April 27
Parent Update, April 27

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