Week of August 16th – 20th

We’d like to congratulate our EY3 community on their first week of remote learning for the school year! The children showed confidence, humour, enthusiasm, and resilience, while we couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of families.

Here are a few photo highlights from Zoom:


And some highlights from SeeSaw:



Remote Learning Next Week

Next week, we will delve further into our year-long unit of inquiry, “Community Relationships,” thinking about how we can build a positive learning community whether it is on campus, online, or at home.

We will have some minor scheduling changes next week, so please be sure to consult our updated schedule on Monday, always linked to both our Daily and Weekly Plan documents. The Weekly Plan can be found here on the blog, by looking in the “Pages” sidebar to the right, and clicking on “EY3 Weekly Planning.” Daily Plans will be posted on SeeSaw every school day morning at 7:50am, along with our morning announcement video.

From Monday to Thursday next week, we will continue to have our morning check-in meetings in smaller groups, as we did this week. We have, however, changed the student groupings so that the children will have an opportunity to interact with different classmates. The “Early Group” will meet at 8:10, while the “Late Group” will meet at 8:30, so be sure to check the group lists included on the schedule for the week, as your child’s meeting time may have changed.

Specialist classes will also take place in smaller groups beginning next week, with each group participating in a 20-minute class instead of 40 minutes. For Music, Art, and PE, we will use student groupings consistent with the morning meeting groups. Therefore, the Early Groups for morning meeting will also be the Early Groups for specialist classes, and will attend for the first 20 minutes of those periods. The Late Groups for morning meeting will also be the Late Groups for specialist classes, attending during the second half of those periods. Thai class groupings will be slightly different, so please look out for that on the schedule. For Library, Ms. Lindsay will work with the full homeroom groups, so you can simply follow the link for Class A, B, or C when your scheduled period starts.


Home Learning Packages

Next Friday August 27th, Home Learning Packages will be available for pick up from the KIS campus at the secondary school gates. These will include supplies such as notebooks, paper, markers, glue, play-dough, and dry erase white boards. We encourage everyone to pick one up if you are able to do so, but please don’t worry if you are out of town or unable to get to the school. All of our learning engagements can be completed without the Home Learning Packages, using everyday household items and a bit of creativity.


Important Dates:

Friday August 27th – Home Learning Package Pick-Up at KIS

Friday August 27th – House Spirit Day: Children are invited to wear their House t-shirts for the day, or dress in their House colour (orange for Hanuman, purple for Naga, green for Tosakan, and blue for Erawan).

Thursday September 16th – Professional Development Day – no classes for students

Friday September 17th – September Break – holiday, no classes


Have a great weekend!

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