Week of August 23rd – 27th

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 22.24.14Thank you for another wonderful week of learning in EY3!


This week we invited children to share their ideas for our Essential Agreement by thinking about what we can do to create a happy and safe community where we can all learn together. Some great ideas came from the book “Our Class is a Family,” where the children developed reading comprehension skills by suggesting ways that our class can also be like a family.


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For mathematics, the children explored number concepts and measurement through calendar discussions at morning meeting, inquired further into measurement by measuring their own height, and shared their knowledge about patterns.

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Coming Up Next Week

Next week, we will dive further into our current Unit of Inquiry, “Community Relationships,” with a closer look at the concept of communities and connections to the PYP learner profile attributes. We will also expand our understanding of measurement by looking at ways that people use measurement in their everyday lives (for example, measuring time and capacity). Language arts are always integrated throughout the UOI, in addition to comprehension skills developed through storytimes, and emergent writing skills nurtured through journal entries. This week we will do a journal entry about our weekends. We will also do some activities with rhyming words, which will help to develop phonemic awareness.

Please see the table below for a look at the week ahead in specialist classes:

Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 23.22.00



Clarifications Regarding Schedules and Groups

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion regarding split groups and schedules. Please note that the split groups (Early Group and Late Group) apply to specialist classes and homeroom morning check-ins only. These include PE, Music, Art, Thai classes, and morning meeting. TAL class is the exception, and will include all TAL students together, with class starting at the beginning of the period. (TAL already has a very small number of students, and therefore there is no need to split the group.) This means that TAL class begins at the Early Group time, even if your child is in the late group for other specialist classes. Library is not considered as a specialist class, and will take place in full homeroom groups, also starting at the beginning of the the period. Each homeroom has it’s own Library session with Ms. Lindsay, so please be sure that you are looking at the correct homeroom schedule. Storytime will take place with the full grade together. All EY3 students should join at the beginning of the period (1:40 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 12:40 on Thursdays).


Parent Resources

We would like to remind both parents and children about our daily Help Desks, scheduled at 10:30 am. We encourage you to join us at the Help Desk if you have any questions about remote learning, assigned activities, or supporting your child’s learning in general. Children are welcome to come if they have a question for a teacher or need help completing an activity, and parents are also welcome to bring any of their questions. (Truly any question is a good question – it is not only for tech support!)

EY3 will be hosting our Back to School Coffee Meeting on Tuesday September 14th at 10:30am. This will take place during our Help Desk period for that day, and you can join us using the regular Help Desk link on the schedule. The Coffee Meeting will be similar to what we normally do at school, where teachers will share a presentation of useful information about the EY3 program. Please feel free to let us know in advance if there is a specific topic that interests you. (This will not be a good time to discuss individual student issues, so if you have a concern that is specific to your child, please arrange a private time to speak with their teacher.) The Coffee Meeting will be recorded for sharing with parents who are not available during the live session.

We would also like to share a short article written by our new PYP co-ordinator, Tania, about developing independence in the early years. Early years teachers are very intentional about fostering independence when we are at school together, and therefore we’d like to share some ideas about how you can do this at home throughout your regular family routines:

3 – Developing Independence in the EY years


Important Dates:

Tuesday August 31st: Mr. Max’s PE classes will be delivered through a SeeSaw activity instead of a Zoom session – this week only; Mr. Max will resume Zoom sessions next week

Tuesday September 14th, 10:30am: EY3 Back to School Coffee Meeting – Parent event; Zoom link to be included on the class schedule; recording will be available for parents unable to attend

Thursday September 16th: Professional Development Day – no classes for students

Friday September 17th: September Break – holiday, no class

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