Week #8: Sept. 27th – Oct. 1st

Thank you for another wonderful week of learning in EY3!

For our Unit of Inquiry, EY3 students began learning the difference between big problems and small problems and about solving small problems using Kelso’s Choices.
Kelso's Wheel1 (LGS)

Big problems are situations that cause us to be afraid, injured, or in danger. For big problems, it is necessary to seek help from an adult. However, if there is a small problem (i.e. a situation that makes us feel upset, bothered, annoyed, etc.), we can try to solve the problem on our own by trying two of Kelso’s Choices.
The video below, Kelso In Action, shows examples of each.

* * * * *

In Literacy, the students utilised their communication skills as they created journal entries about their weekends and retold the events making connections to question words such as Who?, What?, When?Where? Why?, and How?

This Is Our House
They also responded to the story This Is Our House by Michael Rosen: a simple and poignant tale of the power of sharing, and began to make connections to the characters in the story and to their own experiences.

In Numeracy students continued exploring Numicon through activities involving building the numbers 5 and 10 using combinations of different numbers, as well as filling in the number 20 using multiple pieces of the same number.

Students showed their understanding of the Numicon shapes and corresponding numbers. They also used their thinking skills to build a number of their choice.

Here are a few pics from our Friday FunZOOMs…

* * * * *

Coming up next week…
Literacy – We will continue to practice sharing our weekend recounts as well as responding to stories connected to Kelso’s Choices.

Math – We will delve into skills connected to data management such as using tally marks and bar graphs as well as sorting objects according to their attributes.

UOI – We will continue learning about choices and will look into generating questions to ask someone in our community about their responsibilities.

Week Ahead (Oct 4-8)

Reserving books from the PYP library (for pick-up)
Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 20.00.26

If you visit the library website, click Primary Library and you’ll see a  photo box titled “Remote Learning Book Request”. Here, you will be able to fill in a Google Form to reserve library books.

– Please place your order weekly by every Monday and Tuesday at 2:00PM.
– Wait to receive a confirmation email from Ms. Earth on Wednesday.
– Books may be picked up on Thursday and Friday between 7:30AM – 4:30PM, books will be placed on the tables in the Secondary School parking lot.

From Ms. Alex
Please visit the Counselor’s Blog for helpful information from Ms. Alex on how to talk to your child about school.

* * * * *

Important Dates
Calendar Reminder IMGOctober Break –  Mon. Oct. 11th – Fri. Oct. 15th (NO SCHOOL)
Chulalongkorn Day –  Mon. 25th Oct. (NO SCHOOL)
In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday  –  Mon. 6th Dec. (NO SCHOOL)
Last day of Term 1  –  Fri. 17th Dec.
December Break –  Mon. 20th Dec. – Fri. 7th Jan. (NO SCHOOL)

     See you all on Monday!
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