Week #11: Oct. 25th – 29th

In Literacy, the students used their communication skills in the form of speech and drawings as they created journal entries about their long weekend and retold the events making connections to question words such as Who?What?When?Where? Why?, and How? Some are beginning to add labels and other text to their weekend recounts.


Students listened to the story, David Goes to School, looking at how the main character’s choices and actions affected the people around him. Students used their thinking and communication skills to share their understanding of what their responsibilities are as a student in the KIS school community.

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The Houseboat - Cover Page

For our Unit of Inquiry, EY3 students responded to the Kelso’s Choices story, The Houseboatin which Lily the frog was learning to become a problem-solver and helping others to learn too. Students continued to make connections to the characters in the story, their own experiences, and shared their understanding of how we can solve problems without hurting other people’s feelings.


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In Numeracy students continued exploring activities involving data handling. They sorted a collection of objects to create concrete graphs, and used information from images to create pictographs.

Screenshot 2564-10-29 at 17.33.28 Screenshot 2564-10-29 at 17.33.41

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Here are some pics from our Halloween Morning Meetings and Friday FunZOOMs…

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Coming up next week…
Literacy – We will continue sharing our weekend recounts (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?) as well as exploring the Key Concept: CAUSATION.

Numeracy – We will practice data management skills through creating tally charts and organising data using Venn diagrams.

UofI – We will revisit the Learner Profile as well as discussing what our Essential Agreement will look like when we return to school.

Week Ahead - Week #12 (Nov. 1st - 5th)

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Important Dates
Calendar Reminder IMG
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