Week 13: November 8 – 12

Dear Parents,

We had a great first week of hybrid learning and it was wonderful to see the children in person again.

Our on-campus days were spent familiarizing ourselves with the new classroom environment and routines, exploring the EY3 learning centres, and making the space our own by painting name tags for the cubbies and class jobs board. We worked with numbers on the calendar at Circle Time, applied our knowledge about data handling as we began to conduct class surveys, and enjoyed stories and songs together. It was lovely to see new students making friends, and we were impressed at how confident the children were at navigating a new setting. Remote learning engagements provided opportunities to introduce, explore, and review the learning outcomes addressed at school, as well as inviting children to undertake some independent work.

Group 1 Slideshow:


Group 2 Slideshow:


Coming Up Next Week in EY3

Next week, the children will be invited to create self-portraits, with the goal of developing observation skills and turning our classroom into a community space. Self-portraits created periodically throughout the school year will become a useful tool for reflection, as we look at how we change and grow over time and develop the skills of symbolic expression. We will also go further with data handling, as the children conduct their own surveys to get to know their classmates. Artifact sharing will be an exciting focus next week as well, as part of our second Unit of Inquiry.

Artifacts of Personal and Family Histories: Building home/school Connections

For our current inquiry into family histories, children are invited to bring an artifact to school, following up on the sharing they did last week on SeeSaw. The idea is that artifacts can provide a connection to memories and family stories, and therefore we are asking children to bring an object that reminds them of when they were little. The object might be connected to a memory of their own, or a story a parent has told them about when they were younger. Some children may have already chosen these objects and shared them on SeeSaw, while others might be making the initial choice now. Please support your child in choosing an artifact, and have a conversation with them about it’s meaning so that they will be prepared to talk about it with their classmates. We would like to put these on display in the classroom as conversation pieces for the duration of the unit, so please do not send items that you are not willing to part with for a few weeks. (We will of course be careful with your keepsakes, and ensure that they all make it home to you again when the unit is finished.)


Once again, we’d like to thank all of you for your support and patience as we acclimatize ourselves to yet another new learning situation. Our parent community has helped to make it a smooth transition, and we were so pleased to welcome back a group of happy learners who took all the changes in stride.


Resources to Prepare for Next Week’s Remote Classes:

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 14.27.03


Support and Resources for Parents

Our PYP Counsellor, Ms. Alex, has a helpful and informative blog that we encourage all parents to visit. Topics include remote learning, transitioning back to school, and most recently a post about this importance of play. You can access Ms. Alex’s blog here, and subscribe by entering your email address in the box in the upper right hand corner.


Important Dates:

  • Dec. 6th  –  In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – NO SCHOOL
  • Dec. 17th  –  Last day of Term 1  
  • Dec. 20th  – Jan. 7th – December Break – NO SCHOOL
  • Jan. 10th  –  First day of Term 2 
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