Week 14: November 15 – 19

Dear Parents,

The children had lots of fun at school this week! Many students brought their artifacts to school, and took pride in sharing them with their classmates. If your Group 1 or 2 child’s artifact is not yet at school, please send it with them when they are on campus next week. The artifact should be an object that reminds them of their personal history, or connects to a memory of when they were younger. You can share your stories about when our big kids were babies as well – the children love hearing about when they were little, and this will give them more to talk about when they share with the class.




The children are helping to make the classroom space their own. This week they created self portraits, which will be on display outside the classroom,  and made artistic name plates using the “loose parts” technique, which we will use to label their storage bins.




We have been learning about data handling, skills that the children are now applying to learn more about our community. They are generating their own survey questions, setting up tally charts, and gathering data from their classmates and teachers. We now know a lot about favourite pets, ice cream flavours, and career aspirations!




This week, the EY3 students brought home their first library books of the year. In compliance with the KIS “bubbles”, we are not able to visit the library for now, however our librarian Ms Earth has been helpful in organizing a work-around. A trolley full of books is delivered to our classroom on Mondays (for group 1) and Thursdays (for group 2). The children can select two books from there, which Ms. Earth picks up for check-out, and then brings back to us the following day for taking home. This means that Group 1 will bring home library books on Tuesday, to be returned the following Monday, while Group 2 will bring home library books on Friday, to be returned the following Thursday. Please be aware that the library books are not (in general) at the children’s independent reading level. They are often wonderful for read-alouds and bedtime stories to be enjoyed with an adult. Such experiences help your child to develop comprehension skills and nurture a love of literature, so do not underestimate the value of story time!




We also celebrated Loy Krathong at school this week, with Thai dress days for both groups, and paper Krathong making with the Thai department. We hope some of you were able to celebrate with your families as well!



Coming Up Next Week

Next week we will continue to share artifacts connected to our personal histories. We will also continue with community-building engagements, such as conducting surveys, adding to our physical learning environment, and inquiring into the in-person applications of our essential agreements. Children will also begin the ongoing process of selecting work for their portfolios, a valuable exercise in reflection for learning.

Resources to prepare for next week’s remote learning:

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 19.23.31


Support and Resources for Parents

Please remember to check out Ms. Alex’s fantastic PYP Counsellor blog, which is updated regularly. Topics include remote learning, transitioning back to school, and the importance of play for learning and development. You can access Ms. Alex’s blog here, and subscribe by entering your email address in the box in the upper right hand corner.


Important Dates:

  • Dec. 6th  –  In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – NO SCHOOL
  • Dec. 17th  –  Last day of Term 1  
  • Dec. 20th  – Jan. 7th – December Break – NO SCHOOL
  • Jan. 10th  –  First day of Term 2 

*We have noticed that several children are bringing their Home Learning Packages to and from school each day that they are on campus. Please be advised that Home Learning Packages can stay at home, as we have all necessary supplies at school already.

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