Week 15: November 22 – 26

Dear Parents,

This week we have continued to invite children to share their artifacts with the class. The children are speaking confidently while constructing understanding of their personal and family histories. We still have a few children who have yet to bring in their artifacts, so please support your child in selecting an object to present this week.



Children have also continued to explore gathering data by conducting surveys. We love seeing each child articulate a unique question that interests them, and circulating independently to collect answers.



Centre time is a great opportunity for child-directed inquiry, and we are observing so much learning happening as they play, interact, investigate, invent, question, and create. Popular pass-times lately include painting, math games, tic-tac-toe, gardening, and playing doctor. The children are also helping to build our learning environment as they make signs and labels for the classroom (such as our class job boards, schedules, and name plates), giving them a sense of ownership of the space and providing opportunities to write with authentic purpose.



Next week we will delve further into our Family Histories unit, looking at the concept of “place” by inquiring into where our families come from and where we have been. Teachers have also been spending time assessing literacy and numeracy skills to inform our teaching going forward, which will continue next week as well.

Resources for Next Week’s Remote Learning:

Screen Shot 2021-11-26 at 19.16.16


Important Dates:

  • Dec. 6th  –  In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday – NO SCHOOL
  • Dec. 17th  –  Last day of Term 1  
  • Dec. 20th  – Jan. 7th – December Break – NO SCHOOL
  • Jan. 10th  –  First day of Term 2 
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