Term 2 – Week 1 – January 10th –

Dear EY 3 Parents

Happy New Year and welcome back. We have had a very positive start to Term 2 in EY 3. 

We would like to welcome Tinn, Freya, Lina and their families to our EY 3 Community and some of our remote learners back to campus. 

The children settled well into new routines and have been taking time to reconnect with each other and the learning environment. 

This week, we revisited our Who We Are unit : Choices and actions people make impact communities . We inquired into the individual and group choices we can make as a community and how our actions impact our community.  Through this inquiry, our EY 3 students revisited our essential agreements and agreed together that we need to:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Caring
  • Be good communicators
  • Make good choices

As a EY 3 Community, we introduced some new systems to our EY3 learning spaces and gave the children opportunities to make both individual and group choices for their learning. We were so impressed with their independence and level of responsibility.

Through the week we also celebrated what were some of our favourite things about school and shared these in our writing journals. The swings and the playground seem to be a big favourite in our EY 3 learning community. 

Next week we will be going back to our inquiry of Where we are in Place and Time; 

Our family history helps us to understand where we are in place and time.

As we inquire into our family history in time and place, we will be  asking our EY3 learners to explore some of the significant events in their lives in the past 5 years to create personal timelines.  Our young learners may need some home support for this so please check your child’s backpack or Seesaw account on Monday for an interview sheet.

Term 2 will also see our EY 3 Community begin our exploration of reading and writing in a more formal manner, and thus we will be assessing our learners as to their readiness for reading and writing. 

Please do note that as we are back in the canteen for lunches, children do not need to bring their own cutlery to school.

Our PE days this term are :

  • Monday – EY 3 C
  • Tuesday – All Classes
  • Wednesday – EY 3 B
  • Thursday – All classes
  • Friday – EY 3A

Library Book swap day is now Mondays. We will be visiting the library cart on Monday this week.

Ms. Risa will continue to support the online learning and will send out online details through Seesaw for all of our online learners. 

Please find attached our weekly plan for next week and some photo celebrations of the week.

Have a restful and safe weekend, we look forward to seeing you all online or on campus on Monday.

Warm regards,

Ms. Risa, Ms Tania, Ms. Izabella, Ms. Nok, Ms. Pensri, Ms. Kwan and Ms. Lek


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