Term 2 Week 2: 17th – 21st January

Dear Parents,

This week we went back to our inquiry of Where we are in Place and Time. We have been exploring maps and sequencing words as part of this unit of inquiry. We used google earth to find our school, but we couldn’t see our playground – so we invited Mr. Sam to bring his drone to help us take ‘birds eye’ photos of our playground so we could make a map.  We lost Samba the Bear in the playground. “Where could he be?”  We had an idea to use our maps to help find him so we drew our maps and went on a bear hunt. 









We explored using correct letter formation using the sky, grass, ground guidelines. Using this guidance helps us when we are writing ascending and descending letters. Practicing our name writing we learned that we only use a capital letter at the beginning of our name. 

We have been reading stories with events and have practiced our sequencing using the sequencing words first, then, next, after that and finally. 


We continued to explore numbers to 100 and discovered different ways to make 100. We used sequencing language such as first, then, next, after that and finally. 

We played a math game with Ms. Pensri, Which is “more”, Which is ‘Less” using the Numicon boards. We will be continuing this week in the classroom and working our way through to numbers up to 100. 

Mighty and Zeno celebrated their birthdays this week and we were treated to delicious cakes and ice creams. Thank you for the treats and a very happy birthday to Mighty and Zeno. 








Our PE days this term are:

  • Monday – EY 3C
  • Tuesday – All Classes
  • Wednesday – EY 3B
  • Thursday – All classes
  • Friday – EY 3A

Library borrowing days will be Monday. Please bring your library books back to school.

We are learning to use the choice board when deciding where to learn. There were so many fun centers to choose from but luckily we had plenty of time to play in all the exciting centers. 








Thank you for completing the life events activity with your child, we will be using these in class over the next two weeks to create personal timelines to show significant events in our lives. 

Please also note that our 3-way conferences are scheduled to be held on the week of January 31st so we will be sending more information and appointment sign-ups home next week. The 3-way conferences are a normal school day for your child.

If your child is learning remotely Ms. Risa and Ms. Izabella will have a morning check-in every day at 7:50 am. We will be alternating this weekly therefore please note Ms. Risa will be leading morning check-ins next week commencing Monday 24th of January. 


Slideshow of Our Learning 


2nd February – Global School Day of Play 

Week Beginning 7th February Maths Week

Feb 14th-18th February Break (campus closed for students)

Have a restful and safe weekend, we look forward to seeing you all online or on campus on Monday.

Warm regards,

Ms. Risa, Ms Tania, Ms. Izabella, Ms. Nok, Ms. Pensri, Ms. Kwan and Ms. Lek

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