Week of February 7th – 11th

Dear EY3 Families,

Math took centre stage in EY3 this week, as the whole PYP celebrated Math Week. Children explored patterning, shape and space, and number concepts through various centres around the classroom, demonstrating avid curiosity and thinking skills, culminating with our dress-up day on Friday. Take a look at some of the highlights of Math Week below:


Enthusiasm for writing has been spreading in EY3, with more and more budding authors visiting our writing centre every day. Children have been inspired to write letters, birthday cards, thank you notes, and picture books, which they take pride in sharing with the group at story time.


As we wrapped up our inquiry into where we are in place and time this week, some children worked on completing their personal timelines and several presented them to their classmates. It was wonderful to see them growing as communicators and risk takers.


Our school counsellor Ms. Alex paid us a visit this week to introduce herself to the class, and to lead the Body Safety Workshop. The children read a book about body safety, practiced saying “no” to unwanted contact, and discussed how to tell a trusted adult in case of such an experience. Ms. Alex welcomes children and their families to make an appointment with her for support with a wide range of social emotional issues. Parents can contact her at alex.sh@kis.ac.th, and children can ask their teacher to arrange a meeting with her as well.



New Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works

Our next unit will inquire into how the world works. We will be making observations of the natural word and features of living things to build an understanding of their purpose. To get the unit started, we are requesting that children bring in an artifact from nature that inspires their curiosity. While your child might need some support and guidance, please be aware that this is a student task and not a parent task. You can facilitate your child’s choice by going for a walk outdoors, talking to them about what they see, and encouraging them to think about questions they would like to ask back at school, as these will drive our inquiry. We hope to have all artifacts collected during our first week back.


Important Dates

February 14 – 18: February Break – holiday, school closed

March 7 – 11: Parent-Teacher Conferences – look out for sign-up sheets after the holidays

Have a wonderful holiday! Looking forward to seeing the children back at school on the 21st.

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