Week of 21st – 25th February

Dear Parents, 

We had a fun-filled first week back after the holidays, exploring, inquiring, and investigating. 

As we continue to inquire into our current Unit of Inquiry, under the transdisciplinary theme, How The World Works, the children are learning about the natural world. Looking at various pictures of nature they used their thinking and communication skills to describe what they see, think, and wonder. The purpose of this routine is to allow for time to thoughtfully consider not only what they are observing, but also what those observations mean to them. 

We made observations of the natural world and features of living things to build an understanding of their purpose. Using their five senses students went on nature walks providing them with opportunities to be inspired, then they chose an artefact from nature that inspired them and made them curious to learn more. 


Following the February break, students were excited to share their holiday recounts. Our language focus this week allowed for students to use their communication skills as they created journal entries about their holidays and retold the events making connections to question words such as who and what. An emphasis was placed on using words in the past tense such as went, had, and played. 

Reading is an enjoyable part of everyday life in EY3, students have fostered a love for books and have developed a positive attitude towards reading. A popular learning center was the library corner as students enjoyed exploring our new nature topic books.


Our mathematics focus this week continued to be on shapes. Children shared their knowledge about 3D shapes and played shape identification games at the maths centre. We integrated art into the natural world and the learning of shapes. Students were inspired and created art using shapes and items from the natural world such as leaves, flowers, and sticks. 


Students had so much fun celebrating “Crazy Hair Day” as they were encouraged to wear their hair in the wackiest way possible. Thank you to the student council and Ms. Magda for organising this enjoyable day for us!

Crazy Hair Day Fun


We are now able to select our lunches from the canteen at lunchtime. It will take some time for students to master these new skills of deciding what dishes they should choose and where are the foods are located. We encourage all students to select a variety of food which includes a vegetable. 

This Week’s Learning and Fun


Upcoming Dates and Reminder

 7 – 11 March: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Sign-up sheets will be shared on Monday 28th February

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! Wishing everyone a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing our EY3 friends again next week. 


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