Week of 7th – 11th March

Dear Parents, 

This week in EY3 we continued to inquire into our current Unit of Inquiry, under the transdisciplinary theme, How The World Works. Students used their communication skills when sharing their nature artefacts with their friends. Using their speaking and listening skills, they generated questions and used their thinking skills to answer them. They continued to explore the science center where students used their observation, inquiry, and research skills to explore artefacts and objects from the natural world. If your child hasn’t already done so we are requesting that they bring in an artefact from nature that inspires their curiosity. 



Our new writing centers received much enthusiasm and students were eager to learn and explore. Using alphabet playdough mats, they expanded their vocabulary and fine motor skills whilst learning letters and letter sounds.  They also used the practiced handwriting skills using the ‘Wet, Dry, Try’ app on the iPads. Using this approach helps with mastering letter formation, building foundational handwriting habits, and preventing reversal which is one of the most common handwriting struggles for our learners. 


In the reading center, students were engaged when they looked for words in the topic books that began with a particular sound. They shared these words with their friends which encouraged a group discussion to find out the meaning of these new words. Eventually, students will use their research skills to discover what these new words mean. 


We were lucky to have our school counsellor, Ms. Alex read a story to the students this week. She read a book about body safety, practicing to say “no” to unwanted contact, and discussed how to tell a trusted adult in case of such an experience. Ms. Alex welcomes children and their families to make an appointment with her for support with a wide range of social-emotional issues. Thank you Ms. Alex for giving up your time and supporting the EY3 students. 


Thursdays are the EY3 gardening day and students worked hard with Ms. Nok to replant our vegetables. Students enjoyed being outdoors, digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things, and watching plants grow. Thank you Ms. Nok for your dedication and hard work in our beautiful EY3 garden.


Check at home to see if you have any of our reading books and if you find any please return them to school. 

Finally, a big thank you to parents for attending the teacher conferences this week. We enjoyed sharing your child’s academic progress and learning more about your child’s strengths, needs, and growth. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact the EY3 team.

Swimming begins next Tuesday so students will need a swimsuit, towel, goggles and pool shoes. Swimsuits are not yet available through the school store therefore students can wear an appropriate swimsuit if they don’t have a KIS-approved one. Please note swimming is part of our curriculum and if not swimming, your child needs a medical note.

As part of our inquiry into natural design, the children are observing the features of plants, animals, and other parts of the natural world to help us understand their purpose. With this learning objective in mind, EY3 students are invited to bring their pets to school for observation. If your family has a pet that you would like to bring in, please sign up for a visit below.

Pet Schedule

This Week’s Learning and Fun


Upcoming Dates and Reminders

Tuesday 15th March – Swimming begins (every Tuesday)

Wednesday 6th April  – Chakri Day; school and office closed

Monday 11th April 11th – Friday 15th April – Songkran Break, no school

Monday 28th March – Friday 1st April – Book Week. Celebrating “Tales from around the world.”

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! 

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