Week of April 25th- 29th

Dear EY3 families,

It’s been another week full of exciting learning in EY3. All members of the EY3 learning community adjusted to the multiple unique ways of learning throughout the week extremely smoothly. Well done, EY3! We want to give a big thank you to parents, for your flexibility and continued support!


Unit of Inquiry

Our transdisciplinary theme is  “How we express ourselves”, with a central idea focused on storytelling and how it connects to us. The children inquired into the different ways of telling stories by using puppets, acting, music, drawing, and through play. The young learners shared their different ideas and were all very excited to do so. They loved expressing their knowledge of their favorite books by retelling the stories through forms such as dramatic play and narration.

The children have learned that stories are everywhere. They understand that stories are powerful recreations that shine a light on our experience of moving through the world. The students reflected on how stories affect how we think, plan, act, and find meaning. 

Some children thought a story could only be contained in a book but after much discussion and inquiry, they realized that a book is just one of many ways to share a story. The students explored stories from different cultures around the world. It was wonderful to hear about the students’ prior knowledge of stories and storytelling from around the world.



We introduced our new dramatic play center this week where we saw a lot of excited children taking on roles of police officers, chefs, princesses, firefighters, and doctors.

Dramatic play helps the children to interact with other children, and use their imagination. It is also a place students can go to pretend, imagine, and be creative.  Students can step into the shoes of different people and develop empathy and understanding of different viewpoints. This was extremely powerful for our little learners as it also helps promote high-level thinking, problem-solving, turn-taking, and is a rich place for teaching vocabulary.  Students can learn and develop skills in all areas of learning (language, literacy, math, science, social studies, fine motor, gross motor, and social skills) through pretend play.



Math and Literacy

Our writing centers continued to receive a lot of enthusiasm. Students were eager to learn and explore while using their imagination to create their own books and stories. It was amazing to see them using their independent drawing and writing skills to develop these books and stories. This approach helps strengthen both their letter writing and their ability to sound out new words. They also practiced their ICT skills by using the iPad to practice writing numbers and lower case letters. 

Our mathematics focus this week continued on learning about measurement and estimating length using rulers, meter sticks, and tape measures to measure their height,  through basic comparison of longer/taller and shorter than. 

The children participated in various activities where they compared and ordered different objects in the classroom according to their size. The children discussed the meaning of measurement and shared ideas on how to measure and how different materials compare to each other. They also began to develop the vocabulary of measurement using terms such as longer, shorter, and taller.


A big Happy Birthday to Segev who turned 6 this week. We hope you had a lovely time celebrating with your friends and families this week! A BIG thank you to Segev’s family for the yummy cupcakes and also thank you Ey3 for making the day special.




                           Upcoming Dates and Reminders

Monday 2nd May – Labor Day Substitution  (school & office closed)

Tuesday 3rd May – Changing Library Books and Independent Readers  

Wednesday 4th May – Coronation Day (school & office closed)

Monday 9th May – Cartoonist Day

Monday 16th May – Student Led Conferences

  • Please be reminded to bring back the books sent home for independent reading on Tuesday. 
  • The library books and independent readers will be changed every Monday due to a holiday next Monday it will be changed on Tuesday.
  • Kindly remind the children to bring their favorite books to share with their EY3 friends.

                                     Thank you for your amazing support and partnership!

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