Week of 9th – 13th May

Dear Parents, 

EY3 had a fun-filled week as they inquired further into the unit of inquiry ‘How We Express Ourselves’ where they continued to be inspired by storytelling. Through storytelling, the children are being exposed to sounds, words and language, developing early literacy skills. Throughout their learning engagements which include using puppets, acting, music, drawing, and play, students are improving their listening skills, fostering imaginations and improving social skills. 

Our literacy engagements continue to be popular at centre time, with many children keen to read and write words high-frequency words.  High-frequency words are common words, words that appear very often in written texts. They are a mixture of decodable words which are words that can be sounded out, and tricky words which need to be recognised by sight. Students showed enthusiasm to learn new words and were identifying these words when reading books and also using the magnetic letters to spell the words.

This week our maths focus was on developing number sense and continued to learn about addition and subtraction. Using unifix cubes, flashcards, dice games, Numicon shapes and a variety of other hands-on activities students practised adding and subtracting. The subtraction bowling game was a popular centre which involved subtracting the number of bowling pins that were knocked down and calculating the remaining pins left standing. This helps our learners understand the meanings of operations and how they relate to one another and also provided them with opportunities to represent addition and subtraction. 

We want to say a big thank you to Ms Earth and Ms Lisa for organising the Cartoon Character Exhibition. Over the past two weeks, students had the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity and storytelling skills by either re-creating an exhibiting character they are familiar with or coming up with their own character. This week the children were invited to look at the amazing PYP Cartoon Character Exhibition where they saw all the wonderful work of the artists at KIS.


It was a very exciting week as we celebrated two birthdays in EY3. Happy 6th Birthday to Wynn and Freya! We hope you had a lovely time celebrating your special day with your friends and a big thank you for the delicious cupcakes. 

We are excited that the EY3 parent community finally have a chance to come into the classroom for the Student Led Conferences on Monday. All our families have signed up for one-hour time slots and students are expected to come in their school uniforms with their family members at the time they have signed up for. Please note that a negative ATK submitted the day before is required for anyone coming onto campus. Students and teachers are excited as this is a great opportunity for students to share a variety of classroom learning experiences with their families. This is the first time in two years that parents can visit the classrooms, so we are all very excited to see you on Monday. 

This Week’s Learning and Fun


Upcoming Dates and Reminders

Please bring back library books and independent readers on Wednesday. This will only apply to next week due to the Student Led Conferences on Monday. 

Monday 16th May – Student Led Conferences 

Wednesday 18th May – Library books and independent readers will be changed 

Friday 27th May – House Day (students to wear house shirts to school)

Monday 3rd June – HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday (school & office closed)

Friday 10th June – End of Academic Year (school finishes at 12.00 for students) 

Thank you for your continued support and partnership! 

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