Week of May 16th- 20th

Dear EY3 families,

It has been a wonderfully busy week of learning and fun for EY3.

Well done to you all! It was delightful to see students engaged during our Student-Led conferences and morning meetings. 

Teachers and students all spoke positively about the collaborative model and it was great to see students leading their learning in such a positive way.

A Big thank you to parents for attending our Student-Led conferences. Your continued support means the world to us!




* Unit of Inquiry

Our transdisciplinary theme is “How we express ourselves”, with a central idea focused on Storytelling and how it connects to us.

Through exploring this unit of inquiry, the children realized that across every culture, stories share common themes such as; the importance of family, caring about others, being kind, making good choices, and our love for living things. They re-told familiar stories using role-play, toys, puppets,  music, and movement. They created their original fictional stories through dress-up and puppetry. They had a great time listening to stories told through books and songs. They also continued to share their favourite storybooks with the class. 

Stories have the power to capture our attention and engage us in a way that facts and statistics sometimes do not. Above all, stories allow us to learn from one another. They can shape, strengthen and challenge our opinions and values. Incorporating what we learn from fictional heroes can positively affect our health and wellbeing.





We have been doing lots of active counting by adding and subtracting during our maths lessons this week. ​​This approach enables students to explore how to represent addition and subtraction as a prerequisite to solving addition and subtraction problems.

Children have been looking for patterns within groups of objects in a variety of forms, such as numerical, drawings, words, numicon shapes, ten frames, and unfix cubes. These strategies enable students to deepen their understanding of mathematical patterns.

Throughout the week, the children have had opportunities to practice their adding and subtracting skills through bowling with numicon shapes whilst using a whiteboard to write the equations. Many of the children were making great connections on how to add or subtract one or two digits numbers.

Knowing the names of numbers and the counting sequence help students to develop a deep understanding of numbers so that they can visualize them and mentally manipulate quantities. Children told their number stories with pictures, narration, and unifix cubes, finally connecting them with a number sentence.

The ability to represent mathematical thinking will serve students both in problem-solving and in the communication of reasoning. Students will learn the vocabulary of addition as ‘putting together’ and subtraction as ‘taking away’. They learned how to represent addition and subtraction situations using sounds, drawings, and objects.




The Dramatic play center continued to be popular among the children. Children were sharing ideas and improvising dialogue to fit different roles, teaching them to speak clearly and effectively. They learn that words are powerful tools, which improves their vocabulary and encourages activities such as reading, writing, and public speaking.

Benefits of dramatic play:

  • It helps children to recognize what is real and what is fantasy.
    Children tend to be very apt at switching between real life and make-believe, they may even break from character to ask for a drink or take a break, happily going back to a creative voice or donning a cape once again, when they are ready.
  • Children use dramatic play to explore their thoughts and feelings. This is especially important for children who have seen something upsetting or scary in their daily lives. Dramatic play gives them an opportunity to sort through difficult emotions and practice being in the world.
  • Dramatic play teaches and encourages expressive language. Children are motivated to communicate their wishes to their peers and therefore must learn to speak from the perspective of their pretend roles. Dramatic play is often a very comfortable place for children who are shy or withdrawn to participate in a group.




Happy Birthday to Dean and Deedy who turned 6 this week. We hope you had a lovely time celebrating with your friends and families and thank you for the yummy doughnuts and cakes.



Upcoming Dates and Reminders:

Monday,  23rd May – Changing Library Books and Independent Readers

Friday, 27 th May – House Day, Students to wear House Shirts to school

Friday, June 3rd – HM Queen Suthida’s Birthday (holiday, school, and office closed)

Friday, June 10th – Last Day of School (half-day, 12:00 pm dismissal)

  • Please be reminded to bring back the books sent home for independent reading on Monday.
  • The library books and independent readers will be changed every Monday.


                            Thank you for your fantastic support and partnership!

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