Week of May 23rd – 27th

Dear Parents,

This week we continued our inquiries into storytelling and number sense. We were also busy doing year-end assessments of literacy skills and math, and were very impressed to find how far the children have come.

Friday was an exciting day filled with special events: our successful garden sale first thing in the morning, and later the house challenge obstacle course, planned and organized by the Student Council.

A huge thanks to all the parents who supported the garden sale! We raised over 4600 baht, which will go to supporting the garden project in the future. The children did some great mathematical thinking to count up the money, and proudly delivered it to the finance office.

Garden Sale:


House Challenge Obstacle Course:


As we approach the end of the school year, there are many special events on the horizon. Please have a look at the End of Year Calendar below and note any dates that apply to EY3.

End of year calendar PYP 21-22.docx

Red Bins F.pptx (2)

Have a great weekend!

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