Counting Down to End of Term!

Last week was full of learning! We have completed our first drafts of our inquiry projects and we will continue to build our art skills as we transform our creations and express what is important to us.

IMG_0263 IMG_0260 IMG_0268 IMG_0265

Some types of art we are exploring includes painting, paper crafting, Lego, and photography. Our students have been doing amazing independent inquiry work with only some guidance from teachers. We will take our first drafts from last week, practice our skills and create our finals.

IMG_0264 IMG_0262 IMG_0259 IMG_0258

The Hour of Code was celebrated last week as well. We were able to complete different coding activities and practice our tech skills. It was so much fun!

IMG_8246 IMG_8241 IMG_8234 IMG_0481 IMG_0479 IMG_0477



Thursday December 14 is our Holiday Party from 1-2:30pm. We will have activities, treats, and our Secret Santa present exchange!

Families of boys- Please remember to sign up and bring your dish! 

All students- Please remember to bring your Secret Santa gift! 

Friday December 15 is our Holiday Concert from 9-10am in the auditorium. You can help your child by practicing their lines and the Scrooge song at home! Remember to come watch the final performance on December 15 at 9am!

We are so excited for this week. See you Friday for the performance!

-Ms. Helen, Mr. John, Ms. Kookai, Ms. Lindsay and Ms. Nong


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Inquiry and Rehearsals

Concert Costumes

We would like to explain the concert costumes for you.

Most of the students will be wearing costumes that have been especially prepared by Mia B, Ella and Bo’s mums. (ghost costumes or pajamas) There are some students who will be wearing other costumes. They are listed below:
Vincent – “happy child” clothes (any of his own clothes that fit this description)
Un – “happy child” clothes (any of her own clothes that fit this description)
Santa – “happy child” clothes (any of his own clothes that fit this description)
Natcha – “happy child” clothes (any of her own clothes that fit this description)
Rew Rew – “happy child” clothes (any of his own clothes that fit this description)
Steven – “sensible dad” clothes (any of his own clothes that fit this description)
Ella – “sensible mum” clothes  (any of her own clothes that fit this description)
Miikun – “sensible dad” clothes (any of his own clothes that fit this description)
Sophia – “sensible mum” clothes  (any of her own clothes that fit this description)
Ava, Ortin, Rella, Lanna, Guy “happy child” clothes
Thank you for your support.
Helen, John, Kookai, Nong and Lindsay


Last week, we had an amazing time exploring a new type of art- 3D images! We went to Art in Paradise to explore different art and have fun posing for pictures. We used our photography and art skills to plan and take pictures. Special thanks to Sanya who helped chaperone and take amazing photos for us!

IMG_0123 IMG_0250

IMG_4344 IMG_4309 IMG_4286 IMG_4254 IMG_4229 IMG_4240 IMG_4201 IMG_4173 IMG_4161 IMG_4121 IMG_4021 IMG_4379

This week, Grade 1 will be busy drafting and creating their project for our Unit of Inquiry. We are creating art to show what is important to us. Students will be painting, writing poetry, creating music, and choreographing dance. While we are working on our final projects, we will also be busy rehearsing and practicing for our concert. We are retelling the classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol. Your child may bring home a script to practice their lines. Please help them practice their part. Our performance is December 15 at 9am.


Homework: There will be no homework for the rest of the term! We ask that you return any home reading books, library books, and yellow homework notebooks. This will help us be prepared and ready to go for Term 2 in January.

Secret Santa: Letters have gone home! Please check your child’s belongings to find the letter stating who your child will buy a present for.  You can bring the Secret Santa gift at any time to place under our class tree. Please remember to clearly label the gift so we know who to give it to! We will pass out gifts on December 14.


Christmas Party : Our party will be on December 14 from 1:00-2:30. We will have many activities to do including cookie decorating, crafting, movies, dancing, and snacks! We have decided that for this party


This is to ensure that the responsibility of bringing food is divided equally. Families of girls will be responsible for bringing snacks to the End of Year Party in June. We have made this decision to help limit food waste as well as to share responsibility equally among Grade 1 families. To sign up, please write your name next to the item you will bring. The sign up sheet will be outside of the G1 classrooms from Wednesday December 6. 

Have a magical week!

-Ms. Kookai, Ms. Nong, Mr. John, Ms. Helen, and Ms. Lindsay

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Mid Week Check In

We hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

On Friday December 15, we will be having our KIS Primary School Holiday Concert. It will be at 9am in the auditorium. Parents and families are encouraged to attend! We have been working hard in class on our parts to put together a wonderful show. This year, we will be retelling the classic story A Christmas Carol . Here is the song and the lyrics to practice at home.

Scrooge Song

Scrooge Song Lyrics

Happy singing!

-Ms. Helen, Mr. John, Ms. Nong, Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Kookai

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Research and Planning

Last week, we continued to work on our current UoI by exploring different types of art. We focused on the question “How do we use art to show what is important to us?” We decided on an art form to use and one thing that was the most important to us. We will use these sentences to guide our exploration and inquiry for the next three weeks.

IMG_8130 IMG_8131

IMG_8132 IMG_8134

In addition to our work with our UoI, we continued to work on our language skills by writing sentences, creating poetry, and working on syllable recognition.

rewrewcolorpoem elianacolorpoem wordworkbo IMG_8105

This week, we will form groups based on our choices to investigate further about our art.

IMG_8102 IMG_8085


On Wednesday morning we will have a field trip to Art in Paradise. We will leave KIS at 9am and return by 12.

Please check lost and found in the G1 pod. We have many items with no name or label. Please check that all of your child’s items are labeled to avoid this problem in the future!

Have a wonderful week.

Ms. Helen, Mr. John, Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Kookai, Ms. Nong

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Express Yourself

Last week, we introduced our new unit- How We Express Ourselves. We explored and tuned in to different mediums of art and how they help people communicate their thoughts and feelings.

We looked at drama performances and practiced acting.

IMG_8010     IMG_8012

We looked at creative writing, poetry, and visual arts.

IMG_8040 IMG_0142IMG_8041

We looked at music and dance.

IMG_8033    IMG_8035

As we moved through each center and area, we were constantly reflecting and thinking about how different mediums can help us express different ideas and feelings.

This week, we will move through our tuning in stage to find out more, we will research and explore the medium of art that speaks the most to us.




This Friday November 24 is the KIS Staff vs. Parent Basketball game! The game will be from 1:30-2:30. Please come support the KIS community and cheer on the players!

Our next field trip will be on Wednesday November 29 to Art in Paradise. Please see the attached letter for more information.

G1 Trip to Art in Paradise


Have a wonderful week!

-Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Nong, Ms. Kookai, Mr. John, Ms. Helen

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Grade 1- Week 13

Last week was full of learning and celebration. On Thursday in Thai class, we made our own krathong using banana tree trunk, banana leaves, and flowers in preparation of Loi Krathong. On Friday, we celebrated Halloween. Many thanks to parents to helped support the Thai department on Thursday in making krathongs, as well as parents to helped decorate our classroom and stayed for the Halloween assembly. We appreciate your support!

IMG_0099IMG_0258 IMG_0248 IMG_0235

Have a great week!


-Mr. John, Ms. Helen, Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Nong, Ms. Kookai

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Grade 1- Week 12

Welcome back from Fall Break! We hope you had a wonderful and restful holiday. This week, we will get back into our routines as a class in addition to celebrating Loy Kratong and Halloween. Please see the letter from Ms. June for more information.

November 1 Blog Letter

Have a great week!

-Ms. Helen, Ms. Lindsay, Mr. John, Ms. Nong, Ms. Kookai

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Grade 1- Week 11

The Grade 1 Teachers would like to start by saying thank you so much for your time last week. Conferences went well and we are so grateful to partner with you in your child’s education. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to share your thoughts, hopes, concerns, and joys. We loved getting to you know you all!

We have been having some very exciting times in Grade 1! Last week, we worked on using our conflict resolution strategies to solve problems while working as a team. We divided into our House Teams and worked together to make the longest chain reaction. We were focusing on the concept of causation and why some chains were more successful than others.


Looking forward, we have one more week until October Break, and it is packed with learning! We will use drama to explore Kelso’s Choices, practicing when to use certain choices. We will also have our field trip to More Than A Game Cafe on Thursday 19 October!

Enjoy your week! 

-Ms. Helen, Mr. John, Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Nong, Ms. Kookai

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Grade 1- Week 10

We have been busy with Unit 2- Sharing the Planet. In this Unit, our central idea is..

Reaching a resolution during conflict is influenced by the actions and reactions of all involved.

To help us reconcile our disagreements friends, we will be using Kelso’s Choices.

Kelso's Wheel

As we learn these strategies, we will be practicing how to use them by acting out scenarios in class, have group discussions, and using our puppet theater during center time. We hope that by practicing each scenario we will be comfortable enough to use them if needed at school.

Here is a look at some of our centers and activities from last week!  IMG_0063 IMG_0031 IMG_0030 IMG_0022

Using communication and thinking skills, we worked together in our classroom Maker Space to create buildings and solve other challenges with blocks.

IMG_0134 IMG_0206 IMG_0034 IMG_0135

To help us understand conflict and why conflicts might happen, we focused on identifying feelings. We made different feelings with loose parts, used mirrors to see our own faces, and used pencils to draw self portraits.

To find our maths focus for the week, please look at the following attachment. You will see what our learning goals are as well as the activities we plan to use to teach and practice the concepts.

Math Plan Oct 9


The Book Fair is set up in the Primary School Atrium. There are so many wonderful books to choose from! Please take a look with your child sometime this week.

Character Dress Up Day is CANCELLED. Please see the attached letter.

Book week dress up cancellation

We will be going on a FIELD TRIP next week! October 19th we will go to More Than a Game Cafe to practice teamwork and cooperation. Please read the letter from SEA for more information.

G1 Trip to More Than a Game Cafe


Have a great week!

-Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Helen, Mr. John, Ms. Nong, Ms. Kookai

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Grade 1- Week 9

We can’t believe it is already October!  Time flies when you are having fun! Last week, we began to investigate conflict and the reasons behind it. We also drew our playground to help us think about conflicts and where they happen at school.

File_000 (4) File_002 (3) File_001 (3) File_000 (3) File_001 (2)

We are focusing on the ability to name and acknowledge our feelings with the hope that it helps us talk through what is bothering us. This week, we will look deeper into emotions and how they make us look, act, and respond to others.


Parent Teacher conferences will be… 

Monday October 9 (G1C- Ms. Lindsay)

Tuesday October 10 (G1B- Ms. Helen)

Wednesday October 11 (G1A- Mr. John)

Please sign up for conferences as soon as possible. The forms are located outside of the G1 classrooms. Please note that there will be a make up day on Thursday October 11 if needed.  Many thanks to the parents who have already signed up for a time slot! 

Next week will be quite busy. Along with conferences, we will also have a Book Fair! There is a bookmark decorating contest (as noted in the homework books this week), as well as a Character Dress Up Day on October 10!  Please see the fliers below for more information.

1718BookFair KG G1 1718Book Fairact


Have a wonderful week!

-Ms. Lindsay, Ms. Helen, Mr. John, Ms. Kookai, Ms. Nong

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