G1 Weekly Update 30th April

Week 2 has seen some very successful den building. It was exciting to see the students highly engaged and excited to build small houses in their living rooms and bedrooms with pillow, cushions, sheets and blankets. The students also looked like they enjoyed reading, playing and eating in their special places. Den building allowed the children to explore the concept of building design to implementation, utilizing the materials they have available. As this has been a highly successful learning experience, we will look to include more offline and active tasks in the coming weeks. Here is a selection of construction work from the final design challenge of the unit.

In literacy we will look at creating interesting introductions to our opinion writing. A strong introduction can include a feeling, fact or questions. We will be practicing these approaches next week with our Dear Diary task on Friday. Writing a diary allows the children to process their week as there are so many changes they need to continually adapt to. In reading, we will continue with reading groups and phonics sounds. This week’s Uu sounds proved quite difficult for most children – perfect for creating discussions and conversations about sounds.

In maths we will continue with patterns to continue and discover the rule in number functions. We also begin work on time by making connections between patterns and skip counting to look at clock faces to start work on time and fractions.

Our Building Design inquiry ended this week and next week we will begin looking at communities. We will begin by asking students to tune into our Zoom community by creating ideas that make our Zoom experiences caring and inclusive for everyone. This will be followed by the creation of a community Zoom agreement. We will also begin to tune into what students think communities are and what they would like to know.

Don’t forget that next Monday and Tuesday are public holidays. Please encourage your children to continue reading each day. Reading groups from these two days have been moved to Wednesday – Friday. Please check the daily schedule to see when your child has been moved to.

Next week’s planning and resource list

G1 weekly Plan Term 3 Week 3 May 5 2021

Grade 1 Weekly Timetable



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Library at KIS

Presently, KIS Primary School Library is lending books that can be reserved. Orders must be submitted by 4:30PM on a Tuesday. If the book is available Ms. Lindsay will email a confirmation and pick up is between 7:30AM and 4:30 PM on Thursday.

You can search for available books here http://klibps.kis.ac.th, or click on Library Catalogue on the Library homepage.

The link to order books is below:

Library book request.

Happy reading everyone!


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G1 Weekly update Friday 23rd April

Congratulations to our Grade 1 community who have shown so much resilience and positivity during our first week of returning to remote learning. All of our students have engaged with a high degree of commitment completing activities to the best of their ability.

What is coming up from April 26th to 30th?

Reading groups

Reading groups will begin live next week. Students have been allocated a day to join the reading group and should have a copy of the ORT book in their student pack. The book they will need will be listed in the morning message.

G1 T3 Week 2 Reading Groups & Books


We will be looking at opinion writing. Encourage your child to discuss their opinions at home. This can be as simple as ‘What do you think of dinner tonight? the weather today? the book you are reading? the clothes they are wearing? or the TV show they are watching?’  Don’t forget to ask them why they think that way.


In maths we will continue with patterns and number knowledge. Look for patterns in your everyday life. Maybe they can make their own complicated patterns at home using everyday objects in the house.

Unit of inquiry

For inquiry we have finished our review of building materials, building design and how they are integrated and connected. Next week the students will have the chance to become Architects! This will give them the opportunity to transfer and apply the understandings they have acquired throughout our inquiry. Students will explore a design process and create their own building designs.

G1 Community sessions

Each Friday we will continue with a Grade zoom session. It is important that our children feel connected to all of their friends in the grade. The session will be at 10.30am. We will continue to work with Kahoot, finding a solution where we can all log on to participate. Although, writing down answers on a whiteboard allows all students to feel successful.

Parent Zoom Meeting

Monday 1.30pm we will hold a parent zoom meeting to allow our community to discuss concerns and feedback on the program.

School Photo

Don’t forget to send your child’s school photo to school – they can wear any clothes, it does not need to be school uniform.

Planning, Resource list and Timetables

G1 T3 Week 2 Resources 

Below – the plan for the week.

G1 weekly Plan Term 3 Week 2 April 26 2021

The schedule for 26th to 30th April

Grade 1 Weekly Timetable

great job

Here are some highlights of a great week in G1.

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you next week.


Grade 1.

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Welcome to Term 3 April 20th


Thank you for your support as we prepared for this week and next week’s learning in G1. Though we regret that we can not be in school, we were happy to see you all again on Seesaw and to see you in meetings this week.

Here is the timetable for G1.

Week 1 Term 3 Schedules

The timetable for each day will be shared with the students on Seesaw with the morning message from Ms. Lisa. Any questions or comments can be posted there and then they can be addressed in the class meetings to clarify learning activities and important issues.

The timetable follows the usual one in school as far as possible. The links for specialist classes will be shared each day as well on Seesaw.

Here is a list of resources needed this week to complete the work for G1.

G1 T3 Week 1 resources.

On Tuesday and Thursday there is a helpdesk for students or parents from 1:30 to 2:00PM. If anyone in the G1 community needs guidance or support they can check in here. This can be for questions about the work or for reassurance that we are all working together still even though we are not on the KIS campus. On Monday this is a parent/teacher meeting. On Wednesday and Friday this time is allotted for Community Chat as a social space for the G1 students.

The teachers can be contacted at any time at the following addresses:

Ms. Lisa  lisa.di@kis.ac.th

Mr. Ashley ashley@kis.ac.th

Ms. Helen helen.mc@kis.ac.th

The planning for the forthcoming week will be posted on Friday. Here is the one for this week:

G1 weekly Plan Term 3 Week 1 April 19 2021

Our day ends with Story time and school finishes at 2:30.

Helpful reminders for being successful in remote learning:

  1. Try and wake up at the same time everyday.
  2. School is from 7:50 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  3. Have a healthy breakfast.
  4. Get ready for school – wear a school shirt.
  5. Have your materials ready, and your learning space clean and organized.
  6. Log into Seesaw and check the schedule for the day, post questions in the comments.
  7. Watch the morning video. Post question or comments.
  8. Join the G1 help desk if you have questions about the learning activities for the day. (There is also be a daily homeroom ZOOM meeting where you can ask any questions you may have for the day ahead).


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Message to G1 community – April 18th 2021


Dear parents, students and Grade 1 community

Happy Songkran and welcome back to Term 3.

Unfortunately, schools have moved back into remote learning due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. Our thoughts are with those families who have been affected by the latest outbreak. Please take care and we wish that you all remain safe.

Our return to remote learning will mimic January’s experience. We feel as teachers the students benefited significantly from the improvements to our schedule and learning provided. We will continue our Monday parent forum week 2 (April 26) for any concerns or suggestions. Please contact your class teacher if you have any particular concerns before then.

On Monday, we will be preparing packs for families to collect from school. The packs will include a variety of materials that will allow for students to learn both on and offline. They will be available for collection Tuesday between 7.30am to 5pm. If you have difficulties collecting your package, please contact your child’s teacher.

All of our learning tasks will be uploaded daily into Seesaw. Seesaw allows for the tasks to be printed (three dots at the bottom of the task) if you prefer your child to work offline. Students can take a photograph of their learning and upload for teachers to review.

Specialist classes and online learning will begin Tuesday 20th April. The weekly timetables and planning will be sent Monday afternoon.

Thank you for your ongoing support and our team will miss very much seeing our children in person.


Grade 1 Team

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March 29th – April 2nd

The final week of term 2 is here. School ends on April 2nd for the Songkran break. All Library and reading books should be returned by Friday as these do not go home during the holiday.

We are thankful for the support you have given in trying to find experts to answer the inquiry questions that have been asked by the students. Luckily, we are having visitors to talk to us about aspects of design and construction this week. This will a dd to the work that has already been done in looking at the uses and functions of the materials and design features in buildings.

Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – March 26

School Photo Schedule 2020-21_Parent Version

Upcoming dates to remember
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 12th Additional holiday School closed 12th - 15th April
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
April 22nd-30th School photos
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Building Design – I wonder…

Parent answers – building design

Are you able to answer as an expert or do you have knowledge of these questions posed by Grade 1? (link to questions)

If you can answer these questions, record a short video and send it to Ms Lisa (lisa.di@kis.ac.th) so that we can share with the students as part of their research.

Thank you for your support.

Grade 1

Design Video by parent
What are the things you need to think about when you design a house? 
How do they design where to build each building?
How do you know the size of a building you design? Why is it big or small? 
Why do some houses have flat roofs and some have sloped roofs?
Why do we plant plants with buildings?
Why are buildings different sizes and colours?
How do you put electricity in the house? 
How do you put water pipes in a house? 
How do materials stick together?
What’s the most common material used to build buildings? 
How many days does it take to build a tall building. 
How come walls don’t fall down? How do you know if a building is going to collapse or not?  And how do you stop the roof or second floor from falling on the people?
How do you get water up a Skyscraper? 
How many people do you need to build a building? 
What materials are good for rain?
What materials are good for a hot climate?
What materials are good for a cold climate?
How many bricks are used to make a building?
Why are buildings made of cement?
How many days, months and years does it take to make a building?
Why do buildings use bricks and metal?


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Could you help our inquiry?

As our unit about buildings deepens, the students are generating questions about design, structure and materials used in creating buildings.

Are you an expert, or do you have knowledge that may support us to give the children answers from a friendly and reliable source? Do you know someone involved in designing or construction businesses?  You do? If so email us, or pop in to see us as we would be excited to develop our inquiries further through your help.

You can email teachers directly at the following addresses:

Ms. Lisa         lisa.di@kis.ac.th

Mr. Ashley   ashley.ke@kis.ac.th

Ms. Helen     helen.mc@kis.ac.th


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March 22nd- 26th


Presently, there is a House Reading Bingo Challenge that has been organised by Student Council and Ms. Lindsay and the Library. Details are on the flyer below.

BOOK BINGO Newsletter (4)

As G1 are such avid readers we know that they will want to participate and this is an activity to be completed at home. Remember that families are all members of each house and you can take part too to help the house win.

After the Field Trips around the village, G1 are busy concentrating on the materials that buildings are constructed from as well as how various parts of buildings are joined together. There is a lot of energetic construction each day in G1 ( pictures to follow later this week!) This includes using some real materials sourced from the maintenance staff at the school.


This is the last week for library books which must be returned on 25th to be organised and cleaned.


Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – March 19

Upcoming dates to remember
March 25th Book return for library
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 12th Additional holiday School closed 12th - 15th April
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
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March 16th – 19th

March 15th is a school holiday. We return to school on Tuesday March 16th. Swimming resumes for G1 on Friday 19th March. Please read the attached letter for the protocols and expectations for the sessions.

Swim Program resuming March 16, 2021

We thank you for meeting with us to discuss your child’s goals for the rest of the G1 year. Despite not taking place face to face we feel that a healthy and meaningful discussion between home, school and student was facilitated through the reflection booklet which everyone had discussed carefully. We look forward to the developments of the coming weeks.

field trip

The G1 classes learned a great deal about the purposes, shapes and materials in buildings during their field trips this week. We will be applying this knowledge in our inquiries in the coming weeks.

You can see the interest and discovery in the photos above. Everyone was highly engaged in learning more about the immediate environment of KIS school’s area.

Upcoming dates to remember
March Break ( school closed)  Monday 15th
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
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