Final update G1 20-21


Congratulations to our students, families and carers for completing a great year in G1!

We are all ready for a few weeks of replenishing our energy and taking time away from screens to enjoy calm and refreshing days.

The staff of G1 would like to thank you for your support, commitment, creativity and energy throughout our year together. We have been a community that have worked together to make KIS a wonderful environment for us all to thrive. We are sure that this is reflected in the work we have shared today. We wish you a happy holiday and for our students an easy and inspiring transition into G2.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou,

Ms. Helen, Ms. Lisa, Mr. Ashley, Mr. Danny, Ms. Nong, Ms. Noi and Ms. Ploy

Summer activities

A message from Ms. Lindsay:

As we start our summer holiday, I’d like to share a few resources available to you.

If you follow this link you will arrive at our Summer Holidays Activities page. Here you will find the links to:

-Summer Story Time with Ms. Lisa (Mondays at 10am on Zoom, featuring special guest teachers each week)

Monday Story Time

-Library Fun with Ms. Lindsay

Summer Camp Adventure 2021

-Super Summer Sports with Mr. Ben

-Music, ICT, Art and more

Please take your time and explore! There are plenty of resources and activities to support our learning throughout this summer holiday. Don’t forget, you can also visit my webpage here and check out the parent resources section as well.

I hope you have a happy summer holiday!

-Ms. Lindsay
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Online Summer Camp

Summer Camp Adventure 2021

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Holiday Story Times

Monday Story Time

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Weekly Update 4th June

Dear Parents and Grade 1 Community

Next week we will continue with our regular schedule Monday – Thursday. Friday we will begin the day with an 8am morning zoom call with our classes. Then it is time to explore the KIS PYP Sharing Page where you can view learning from all grades and classes. We will finish off the day with a Grade Zoom at 10.30am.

In Literacy we will continue our reading groups and talk with our children how they can continue reading over the summer break. Children should be reading for 15 mins each day to ensure they continue to grow.

In Math, we will showcase what we think is interesting, or a Math skill we have mastered in a short video to celebrate a year of Math in G1 and end the year positively. This will be an activity that will run over a couple of days. Daily Data is available for your child to review skills at any time.

G1 T3 Week 8 Resources

Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns – we are here to support both your child and you.

Kind regards

Grade 1 Team

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Love Your Library Day

Let’s Celebrate!

Welcome to Love Your Library Day!

Today you will create, listen, and explore all about libraries. Check the timetable to see when your live sessions are scheduled, and scroll down to see the options you can complete during choice time.

Make sure to visit the Digital Bookmark and Why I Love Our Library Competition Padlets at the bottom of this page.

Happy reading!

Here is the link to the welcome video.

Love Your Library- June 4 – Blog

Links for the sessions are in Seesaw.


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G1 Weekly update 28th May

Week 7 will only be three days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) following our regular timetable. Thursday 3rd June is a school holiday.  On Friday we will have a class meeting at 8AM to explain scheduled library activities – more information about which is below.

Portfolio Review

On Thursday, we would like you to review with your child their Seesaw portfolio the learning they have completed this year. Select 10-15 tasks that they have completed and add them to the “Portfolio” folder. (Details will be uploaded including a help video on Seesaw next week) We will highlight their learning on the last day of school.

In Literacy we will be writing book recommendations for other children. Students will select two books they love and one they didn’t enjoy and write a review or an opinion of the book. Reading groups continue and our word sorts continue. The word sorts are becoming more difficult as students now need to not only look at the spelling patterns, but also the sounds these spelling patterns make. There is a lot more to think about.

In Maths, we will explore probability and chance as well as solve time problems and use number operations and household objects to apply our mathematical knowledge. We are going to flex our brains and keep them healthy. Everyone is meeting challenges with determination and we want to keep going!

G1 weekly Plan Term 3 Week 7 May 31 2021

G1 T3 Week 7 Resources Blog

Our inquiry will support the students to investigate and reflect on their roles and responsibilities as a learner and how this connects to our school community. As the year draws to a close this is an excellent opportunity for students to reflect on their social and emotional development in this year and identify any goals they may like to set themselves for their transition to Grade 2. This will be an exciting time.

Spotlight on the past week

Seesaw is a place where G1 connect to their community. Here is a sample of greetings shared by G1 this week.


The students in this way emonstrate in action some of their learning. We are still reflecting on different roles in the community and different kinds of communities.


Love your library day

Dear PYP Community,

On Friday, June 4, the PYP Library will be hosting “Love Your Library Day”. We can’t wait to celebrate all of the wonderful things libraries can help us do like read, create, listen, and explore! There will be live sessions and activities for all grades, following a special timetable listed on the Love Your Library website. The website will be shared with you on Friday morning.

Our hope is that this day highlights the importance of libraries to our community, and gives us all a chance to enjoy some “screen free” time by reading, listening to audiobooks, completing STEM challenges, creating art, and of course, more reading! We will have special read aloud sessions in Mother Tongue languages, with PE and Music connections as well.

To best prepare for the day, you can have a variety of art and craft materials ready like paper, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and recycled materials, which will allow your child to take part in STEM and creation activities. And, of course, BOOKS!

We can take advice from the beloved Harry Potter series and Hermione Granger who says, “When in doubt, go to the library”.

See you Friday!

-Ms. Lindsay

Love Your Library- June 4 – Blog

Talent Show

Talent show videos should be uploaded to the G1 drive by 12 midday on June 4th. Pleas email Mr. Chris at if you have questions. Talent includes passions as well as music and singing. Be creative! Inspire others!

The drive can be found in a link on each day’s morning message for G1.

Talents and passions 2


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Calling all talent!


Do you have a talent?  – singing, dancing, playing an instument, telling jokes, story telling, gymnastics, rubik’s cube, skipping, cartwheels, anything just use your imagination and creativity?

Would you like to share with the Primary School community?

Yes? Yes?

If so, please send a video of your talent to Mr. Chris by 12 midday 4th June in the folder that will be shared.

Talent show (1)

KIS PYP Presents

Please include your name and class in the video.

Any questions should be directed to Mr. Chris

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G1 Weekly update 21st May

We hope you enjoyed Hero Book Day this year. Hopefully it has given your child inspiration to read new genres of books and for them to read more often. It was a lovely positive experience thinking of heroes around us and in our imaginations.

In Literacy we continue with writing opinions. Next week we will focus on writing opinions of places our children love to visit. This might be a museum, swimming pool, park, zoo or the beach. We hope to combine these recommendations and opinions to create a “Where to go with kids” book where parents can get suggestions for places to visit in our community. In reading we will develop our reading skills by focusing on sounds and blends in words to assist children to read unfamiliar words (and also assist in spelling) and our guided reading groups provide an opportunity for children to practice their reading aloud skills.

In Maths, we continue to work with clocks to round up our inquiries and will check that students are able to recognise the hour, half past and  quarter to and past. We will also start to use times to describe routines and also changes in them. We will begin work on probability by thinking about how likely events are to happen eg ‘What are the chances it will rain tomorrow?’ and responding with ‘very likely, not likely’ etc.  As we mentioned last week, you can reinforce learning by doing household activities – talking about when we need to clean areas of the home, reflecting on how long a journey to the shops has taken, adding the cost of items at the supermarket, cooking, predicting weather etc.

In Inquiry we will continue to explore roles in different communities and try to make the connection to their individual importance. This will then lead us to investigate how they are integral in supporting communities to function effectively. We will then challenge the students to create their own communities to document their connections to our central idea.

G1 weekly Plan Term 3 Week 6 May 24 2021 

Grade 1 Timetable 

Here are the resources you will need :

Screenshot 2021-05-21 14.02.12

Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

Message from Student Council

The Student Council have created a space for the KIS community to interact and share feelings with their house mates. Members can post on the padlet at any time. The link for this will be shared on Seesaw for G1 next week. It has been set up to help take care of each other during the ongoing restrictions we are experiencing.

This week, G1 made recommendation lists for places to visit in Bangkok and Thailand. They will work on giving detailed information on some of these places next week.


It was a busy week of reflection, preparation for releasing our inner superheroes, working on time and maintaining  our sense of togetherness. Here is a brief sample of some activities last week:


Lastly, don’t forget to visit the superhero website that has been shared on Seesaw and via email. Grade 1 were ready to serve and reporting for action early on Friday. We have always known that you are superheroes, not just today, but EVERY day. We thank parents, families, students and staff for another great week in the G1 universe.

Screenshot 2021-05-21 06.39.47 Screenshot 2021-05-21 06.38.51


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G1 Weekly Update 14th May

We are excited to read and listen to our student’s understanding of a community during Inquiry. There have been some fabulous definitions of what a community should be and which communities they are in. I do wonder if animals and toys have their own communities.

Beginning next week, class teachers will arrange one-on-one meetings with their students to discuss their portfolios and check in to see how they are doing with remote learning. Your class teacher will get in touch with you to arrange times.

We will also be changing the afternoon help desk, community chat and story time. These sessions will now be combined into one session starting at 1.45pm Tuesday to Friday. Story time will then follow the helpdesk/community chat at 2.15pm. On Mondays there will be storytime only at 2.15pm. Mondays we will continue to hold our parent zoom question time at 1.30pm.

Grade 1 Timetable

Out Inquiry will continue to look and make connections to what a community is and different communities. Our major focus this week will be to look more closely at roles and responsibilities within communities. This is a very important understanding for the students to unlock and will support them to be able to then analyse how communities function successfully.

In Maths students will choose Maths work from the portfolio to share, reflecting on their strengths or progress and their goals for the future. We will continue to work on time, combining addition and subtraction to solve problems in number stories. There will be activities where students will measure the amount of time ( minutes and seconds) that an activity takes and record the results in tables to practice data management. You can support your child, by focussing on schedules for remote learning, diaries, timetables, break times. The more that G1 can apply knowledge in the real world, the deeper the understanding will serve them.

In Literacy we will be reviewing our physical portfolios sent home this week. For three days students will select a piece of work and write an opinion on why they are highlighting this learning. It might be because they enjoyed the lessons, it was interesting, they learned something new or even as simple as they completed it at school with their friends. Our reading groups will continue – changes to reading groups may have happened so check the daily schedule in Seesaw with your child.

G1 weekly Plan Term 3 Week 5 May 17 2021

G1 T3 Week 5 Resources Web

Book Day – Heroes and Superheroes

Friday 21st May, 2021

Screenshot 2021-05-14 14.23.55

We are celebrating books online this year. Our theme is to recognise not only superheroes in books and comics, but those around us. Heroes could be mums and dads, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police, Moana, Else/ Ana, Superman, Batman, IronMan…

Students will not attend regular online classes, but instead live the life of a superhero through creative writing, books, music, art and movement. Your child will attend the zoom session based on their grade level.

Prizes will be awarded for the most creative hero costume for

  • one student per class and

  • two family group awards

for the most creative family photo of heroes. Photos can be uploaded into Padlet (link provided Monday 17th May) between Monday 17th-21st May. Don’t forget to include the book in the photograph and your child’s name and class.

The day will provide three opportunities to celebrate books and heroes.

  1. Students will begin the day online completing a creative writing task about Heroes and Superheroes. The task will be uploaded onto Seesaw or Google Classroom next Friday for students to complete.

  2. Following, students will be able to join the following zoom sessions based on their Grade level. (Links will sent next week)

  3. Listen to pre-recorded storytime with KIS teachers and staff.

Friday 21st May Timetable






Hero Book Day Website & Padlet

Library recommendations & activities


Writing in Seesaw/ Classroom



Story time





Story time






Story time



For art, we will be taking inspiration from the unusual trend of artists recreating artworks in food on a slice of bread! Please have ready for the day the photo of your chosen hero; a piece of bread and all the food ingredients you need to recreate your heroes on the bread, including child-friendly knives for slicing.

We hope the day will provide opportunities for your child to celebrate books with both creative ideas and acknowledge those important roles in our community.

Parent and Student Well Being Presentation by Ms. Alex

Parent Forum- Parent and Student Well-being

This week:


FInally, here is a small snapshot of the end of this week. We are starting to reflect on our year in G1. We also participated in pyjamas in Mr. Danny’s final PE sequence for the moment.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Grade 1

Screenshot 2021-05-14 14.23.55

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Resource collection for G1


Good afternoon Parents and Grade 1 Community

On Wednesday 12th May between 7:30am and 5:00pm, you will be able to collect new resources for your child that will include new ORT books, Daily Data, writing support, their personal items such as pencil cases and also their portfolio.

When you collect the new resources, could you please return the ORT & Thai books that your child has already read. If your reading groups are Wednesday and Thursday, you will need to keep this week’s ORT book for online zooms.

Please contact your class teacher if you have any questions.

Grade 1

PS Parent Letter 11.5.21

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