March 22nd- 26th


Presently, there is a House Reading Bingo Challenge that has been organised by Student Council and Ms. Lindsay and the Library. Details are on the flyer below.

BOOK BINGO Newsletter (4)

As G1 are such avid readers we know that they will want to participate and this is an activity to be completed at home. Remember that families are all members of each house and you can take part too to help the house win.

After the Field Trips around the village, G1 are busy concentrating on the materials that buildings are constructed from as well as how various parts of buildings are joined together. There is a lot of energetic construction each day in G1 ( pictures to follow later this week!) This includes using some real materials sourced from the maintenance staff at the school.


This is the last week for library books which must be returned on 25th to be organised and cleaned.


Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – March 19

Upcoming dates to remember
March 25th Book return for library
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 12th Additional holiday School closed 12th - 15th April
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
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