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Parent answers – building design

Are you able to answer as an expert or do you have knowledge of these questions posed by Grade 1? (link to questions)

If you can answer these questions, record a short video and send it to Ms Lisa ( so that we can share with the students as part of their research.

Thank you for your support.

Grade 1

Design Video by parent
What are the things you need to think about when you design a house? 
How do they design where to build each building?
How do you know the size of a building you design? Why is it big or small? 
Why do some houses have flat roofs and some have sloped roofs?
Why do we plant plants with buildings?
Why are buildings different sizes and colours?
How do you put electricity in the house? 
How do you put water pipes in a house? 
How do materials stick together?
What’s the most common material used to build buildings? 
How many days does it take to build a tall building. 
How come walls don’t fall down? How do you know if a building is going to collapse or not?  And how do you stop the roof or second floor from falling on the people?
How do you get water up a Skyscraper? 
How many people do you need to build a building? 
What materials are good for rain?
What materials are good for a hot climate?
What materials are good for a cold climate?
How many bricks are used to make a building?
Why are buildings made of cement?
How many days, months and years does it take to make a building?
Why do buildings use bricks and metal?


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