G1 update 15th September


Next week in G1

Term 1 Week 7

Week 7 Schedule

Please note that next week is a 4 day week (Monday – Thursday) for Grade 1 learning. Friday will be an off schedule day celebrating KIS houses (Naga, Hanuman, Tosakan and Erawan).

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_G1 Weekly Plan W7 T1 September 20 2021

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences will take place on Friday 24th September. Please sign up with your child’s name on the document that will be sent out. If you cannot make one of the times please mail the class teacher to arrange an alternative slot.

Class A Sign-up

Class B Sign-up

Class C Sign-up

Parent Teacher Conferences 2021


We will be introducing non-fiction reading and writing.These skills will support their investigations in our new inquiry of Nature Changes.


We will be counting groups of toys or maths resources by making groups of 10 and filling a table with totals. We will introduce odd and even by grouping in pairs or two equal groups to understand that concept.


Next week we will be using a number of different engagements to assess student understanding of our inquiry. During Seesaw engagements if your child has a lot of connections but it is taking time for them to write them please scribe their ideas. We want to assess understanding, not writing in this instance.

Reading / Small groups

The list and timings of the groups has been sent via email. Please contact the class teacher if you have not received the update.

  • Class A no changes to groups times or students
  • Class B no changes to groups times or students
  • Class C no changes to groups times or students

This week in G1

It was a short but very busy week. Everyone was involved in flight checks and story writing as well as reflecting about ISH written by Peter Reynolds, thinking about the affect that Marisol had on Ramon’s mindset. We wrote our stories and did a self reflection about how we felt we had done. As you can tell, reflection is a huge part of our thinking in G1, for both adults and students.

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Happily, in a great connection, Dot Day fell on the 15th. As THE DOT was also written by Peter Reynolds it was an exciting week for us.

Upcoming dates to remember

24th September Parent/Teacher Confereences

24th September House Activity Day

24th September HOS Parent Coffee Meeting

28th September KISPA PS Class Rep meeting

October KISPA Pinktober

4th November KISPA Diwali

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