G1 Update 24th September


Next week in G1 W8 T1 27th September – 1st October

Thank you for joining us for Parent / Teacher conferences today. We are loving that with COVID, we are able to meet with families more often online, allowing opportunities to get to know our community better.


This week we begin our new inquiry ‘The Natural World changes in observable ways’. We will be tuning in to what we think the Natural World is and what it means to us all. On Monday please be aware that if your child doesn’t know what the actual vocabulary ‘Natural World’ means or hasn’t got any connections or idea of the concept of the Natural World please let them post this. Parents don’t need to explain it first.


In Reading we will continue exploring text features of non-fiction books and in writing how to plan for non-fiction writing. Lots of practicing to gain confidence is writing (please do not worry about spelling).


We will start to explore forms of measurement by thinking about what we already know – sharing what we think and finding artifacts that reflect measurement in the real world. SImilarly to Inquiry work, it is not necessary for G1 students to display a clear understanding and questions can be posted too. We will also start adding single digit numbers to double digit numbers in different ways and end the week with inquiry into how numbers get their names.

Reading / Small groups

Class A please check the changes in all reading groups in the table that has been sent out.

G1 W8 T1 Week 8 Resources

G1 Weekly Plan W8 T1 September 27 2021 (1)

Grade 1 Timetable Links (Parents) W8

This week in G1

In literacy we started exploring non-fiction, starting by asking what non-fiction could be. We then looked at fact and opinions and have seed ideas for non-fictional writing in which we have planned four facts that we will detail.

In maths we contiued to organise ways to count. Here is an example of what we did:

Screen Shot 2564-09-24 at 14.31.04

For the end of our current unit of inquiry – HOW WE ORGANISE OURSELVES – we created our own community and an event that affected that community.


On Friday it was house day and here are some of the house challenges we submitted.

Upcoming dates to remember

28th September KISPA PS Class Rep meeting

October KISPA Pinktober

Monday 11th – Friday 15th October – October Break

Monday 25th October – Chulalongkorn Day  (school and office closed)

4th November KISPA Diwali




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