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Term 1 Week 10 18th-22nd October

Passion Time & Story Time 

Passion time with Ms Cha will be scary portraits ready for Halloween. Ms Nong will be leading story time. 


This week students will be exploring how we can observe change in ‘The Natural World’. For their activity posts students require a little adult support with words to help them explain their observations. Please support if necessary but only with certain words. If your child is not able to observe and identify any change they should post that. 


We will continue measurement by sorting into different methods of measuring and practice with items at home and through IXL. New vocabulary about measuring will be introduced – it is likely that your child may guess the meaning initially, and that is an important part of the inquiry process. We will continue to use addition and subtraction skills to solve problems about capacity.


Reading will focus on reading new words using the karate chop, base words and illustrations. Writing we will explore how to add more information using adjectives.

G1 W10 T1 Week 10 – Mr Smith guest speaker Thursday

G1 Weekly Plan W10 T1 October 18 2021

Grade 1 Timetable Links (Parents)

Guest Speaker

We will have a visit from a wildlife photographer who will talk about how nature affects the way he takes photographs.

After school clubs

After school clubs start after the break. Here is the list of the days and times of available clubs. Sign up is here:

After School Sign Up

Primary Clubs Slideshow – 2021

 This week in grade one:

Passion Time was all about icecream and we used our measuring skills to make a batch of icecream on Wednesday. See us at work here:

We are continuing to measure and chose what kind of measuring we wanted to do and devised a way to record our measurements.

We have looked at the natural world around our homes and shared what we have found with each other.


We have started to explore writing strong introductions in writing, as you see below.

intro1 intro2 intro3 intro4 intro5 Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 10.09.56

G1’s Student Council group is active and planning for Halloween. They wrote an email to the G1 staff team to ask forhelp in planning activities in to Passion, Story and Kahoot Times. They used their strong introduction skills to persuade teachers to help.

Dear wonderful G1 teachers,

Halloween will be coming soon after the holiday. We would like to have a fun few days for Halloween. Do you think we could put some of these activities in Passion Time, Kahoot time and Story Time? We know that you are all good at creating  things so we are asking for your help.
These are the ideas we have that we would like to try:

Video games – kahoots and quizzes – a scary one – Halloween,Scary story time,Games – treasure hunt/hangman,Games with other grades,Dance parties,Halloween crafts,Halloween drawing

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,
G1 Student Council Group

As we hold KIS core values at the centre of our commitment to our community, the teachers have replied with equal enthusiasm.


Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 10.20.38


Next week is a school holiday. We wish you all a restful week to regain energy and enjoy time together. See you on 18th October!

The G1 team.


Upcoming dates

October KISPA Pinktober

Monday 11th – Friday 15th October: October Break

Monday 25th October: Chulalongkorn Day  (school and office closed)

4th November KISPA Diwali

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