G1 update 22nd October


Message from school counsellor

Please visit the counsellor blog for advice and information or to make contact.


Term 1 Week 11


Next week we will celebrate Halloween. On Thursday we will have a special zoom with Grade 2 during our 9.50 small group zoom times and Friday an optional themed activities day with a choice board. We would love to see your children dressed up for Halloween to help make it an enjoyable day.


Literacy will focus on developing endurance in writing. Writing will review our inquiry observations in Week 10, Halloween and Loy Kratong. Reading we will look at how we select a book on the same subject.


Our inquiry will now move on to explore the concept of ‘The Laws of the Natural World’. For the purpose of our inquiry we will investigate Night/Day – Weather – Growing. What the Law actually means and how it affects change and the Natural World generally.


Weighing mass will be introduced. Students will also look at information tables and share facts about information presented, combining measurement and data handling skills. We will reflect on new knowledge at the end of the week. November’s Daily Data book is attached – students can either use the pages in Seesaw or print the first 5 days to complete off line before we go back into school.

Small Groups

Small Groups Changes

All classes – Thursday 9.50am Zoom will be with Ms Helen and Grade 2

G1A no changes

G1B Monday reading group will move to Thursday 8.50am (Due to holiday)

G1C Monday Reading Group will move to join the Wednesday group at 12.40pm.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 15.27.06

Daily Data T1 2021-22 November

G1 Weekly Plan W11 T1 October 25 2021

Grade 1 Timetable Links (Parents) (2)

G1 Student Council Action

Next week, see activities suggested by our active Student Council group to celebrate and enjoy Halloween included. Following on from this week’s Halloween characters, teachers have incorporated haunted houses, word searches, spooky story telling , quizzes and games and possibly meetups into next week’s plan. We strive to listen to the suggestions and questions of our students and are happy to see that they are taking some ownership of what happens in the community.

The G1 students also made a video to encourage their classmates to take part in Pinktober.

Screen Recording 2021-10-21 at 14.12.27

Upcoming dates

October KISPA Pinktober

Monday 25th October: Chulalongkorn Day  (school and office closed)

4th November KISPA Diwali

6th December In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday  (school and office closed)

17th December last day of Term 1

20th Dec. – 7th Jan. December Break



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