G1 update 29th October


Term 1 Week 12

Return to School – Hybrid

Week 13 (November 8) we will return to school in a modified environment with three groups of students. The first two groups will come into school for two days a week and the third group will continue in remote learning. 

This will be a new challenge for our Grade. If you have any questions and would like to meet your class teacher online to discuss your child’s needs, please contact your class teacher. We are here to ensure a smooth transition for all children.


In reading we will look at skills we need for prediction. Can you be a risk taker and predict what might happen in the story based on the cover of the book? In writing we will continue to develop our transition words to support student skills.


Students will reflect on areas of enjoyment, strength and targets in measurement. We will order different measurements from narrowest to widest using data. Our measuring focuses this week are weight or mass and width.


Students will research and explore the cause and effect of the process of change in our previous week’s inquiries. Why do we have night and day? How do living things grow? What causes the weather and the Northern Lights?

G1 W12 T1 Week 12 – Resources

G1 Weekly Plan W12 T1 November 1 2021

Grade 1 Timetable Links (Parents)

This week in G1

Of course, our excitement has been about Halloween. We had a meetup with Mr. Jordan’s G2 class which was wonderful and was organised by our G1 Student Council Group. We wrote with adjectives about Halloween and did Halloween puzzles and Kahoots. On Friday we dressed up.

In inquiry, we viewed the natural world, watching processes and changes and noting what we observed.



In Maths, we started to match up with literacy and inquiry work by writing facts taken from measurement data, an important part of observing and recording our world.

Math 3 MAth1 Math2 Math4

As you see, we are using Literacy in everything we do. We used adjectives this week to bring extra details. As well as Halloween we also celebrate the wonderful Thai festival Loy Khratong and we wrote to describe the festivities this week.




Upcoming dates

1st November G1-5 reopening meeting 9-10AM

4th November KISPA Diwali

8th November School reopens under hybrid model

1st – 5th November Last week of after school clubs

6th December In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday  (school and office closed)

17th December last day of Term 1

20th Dec. – 7th Jan December Break


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