G1 update 4th November


Good afternoon Grade 1 Community

It is very exciting to see children next week in our KIS hybrid model. We are emailing parents this week ahead of time so that you can review the changes to how our program will look and be delivered. We will hold a parent forum Q & A tomorrow 11.30am to answer any questions you may have regarding the return to school and what it will look like for your child.

Parent Q & A Friday 5th November at 11.30am

Grade 1 school day starts at 8.10am finish 2.40pm

With the change from remote learning to hybrid learning, Grade 1 will continue the current program of learning engagements. Students will be allocated Seesaw engagements everyday, however, those in school will receive direct instruction from the Grade teachers. Students will be allocated into three groups: Groups 1, 2 and 3.






Group 1

In School

In School


@ home

For all



Group 2



In School

In School

Group 3

Fully Remote

In you student’s bag every day:

  • 3 spare masks (they do get wet and messy)

  • Spare set of clothes (in case the uniform gets dirty or wet)

  • Lunch (if you are bringing in a home lunch)

To return

  • 4 ORT reading books

  • 1 library book

  • Art sketchbook

For Grade 1, everything else can remain at home as we will provide an extra set of learning materials at school so that it is easier to return each week without remembering to bring in lots of items. (Literacy book, math book, daily data and handwriting)

Laminated signs for cars

When your child returns to school, laminated signs will be put in student backpacks along with any uniform that has been ordered. The laminated signs need to be displayed in the car window when you pick up and drop off your child.

Reading and small groups

Groups 1 and 2: Will read at school live with teachers so there will be no reading groups online.

Group 3: Will be split into two groups and join art and music once a week. Guided reading will be on Wednesday.

Library books

Group 1 (Monday and Tuesday) : Students bring their books to return on Monday and choose the new ones.

Group 2 (Thursday and Friday) : Students bring their books to return on Thursday and choose the new ones.

Group 3 (Remote learning) : Students send the request on Monday and Tuesday, then wait for the confirmation from Ms Earth by Wednesday to collect the books on Thursday or Friday.

Group 3 Remote:

Reading – Group 3 Wednesday


Amy, Chanya, Penplerm, Nisha, Tate, Teya, Mika

Small groups – Group 3 (Art & Music only)

Small Group 1

Amy, Chanya, Penplerm, Nish, William

Small Group 2

Tate, Teya, Mika, Aimmy, Mohanna


In maths we will be weighing and measuring height, recording measurements and ordering and organising information. We will also generate and solve subtraction and addition equations.


In reading we will be looking at how to find important information when we are reading a nonfiction text. In writing we will be learning how to write effective conclusions. Small guided reading groups will be in-class for Groups 1 & 2, Group 3 will be reading online on a Wednesday.


For inquiry this week we will be moving on to summarise student understanding. Students will record their connections of their observations of how the Natural World changes and the process of how and why change happens.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have tomorrow at 11.30 and seeing your children next week.


Grade 1.

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