G1 update 12th November

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Term 1 Week 14

Thank you to all of our families for adjusting so well into new routines, especially with meeting changes that have happened with short notice. Your support for us has been greatly appreciated. We apologise for the change in timetable today that was due to a clash for the Thai team.

In school, we have enjoyed meeting each other and being interactive in our inquiries. For those students who are still at home, they too have shown commitment to their learning and followed new routines. We are enjoying the spirit of community that is coming through as we mix as A,B and C classes and grow into a spirited and enthusiastic G1. 


We will begin to look at different forms of data management beginning with venn diagrams and graphs. We will look at the structures of these systems and then start to collate data from our daily lives in the coming weeks as part of the  Who We Are unit.


In writing, we will combine sentences to make them interesting, as well as, starting personal writing through diaries.


In inquiry we are moving on to our Transdisciplinary theme ‘Who we are’. Students will be tuning in to our new inquiry ‘Mindsets’ which is an inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values. For this first week we will tune in to what the students know about mindsets and themselves. 

G1 Weekly Plan W14 T1 November 15 2021

G1 W14 T1 Week 14 resources 

Group 3 Reading and Small Group timings

Reading – Group 3 Wednesday
Reading Tuesday 12PM with Ms. Lisa Mohana
Reading Wednesday 12PM with Ms. Helen Amy, Chanya, Penplerm, Nisha, Tate, Teya, Mika
Reading Friday 10:30 with  Ms. Lisa Aimmy
Small groups – Group 3 (Art & Music only)
Small Group 1 Tuesday 9:50AM with Ms. Lisa Amy, Chanya, Penplerm, Nisha, William
Small Group 2 Thursday 9:50AM with Mr. Ashley Tate, Teya, Mika, Aimmy, Mohana

Morning meetings 7:50AM

Monday, Tuesday – Group 2 and Group 3 with Ms. Lisa

Thursday and Friday – Group 1 and group 3 with Ms. Lisa

Wednesday 1A with Ms. Helen, 1B with Ms. Lisa and 1C with Mr. Ashley

Thai and TAL on Friday

Thai and TAL will be at 12PM on Fridays.

Library books

Library books for Group 1 should be returned on Monday 15th and for Group 2 on Thursday  18th November. New Library books will be sent on Tuesday and Friday. 

G1 Assembly with Ms. Tania

On Wednesday, the G1 meeting will be with Ms. Tania as a special assembly. This will take place every fortnight and alternate between this and the G1 Kahoot meeting.

Dress up – Wednesday 17th November

Next week, G1 Student Council have initiated a ‘Wear Your Favourite Clothes’ Wednesday for when we meet as a grade for the kahoot and morning meetings. Photos of outfits can be shared on the morning message.

This week in G1

Firstly, we have begun to design a symbol for G1. This is in the initial stages but we can see clearly how we feel here:

There was a great deal of excitement about coming back. So much so that we hardly had time to take photos so more will happen next week. We still valure those that are staying home and the opportunities to mix in different groups were exciting.

Upcoming dates

6th December In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday  (school and office closed)

17th December last day of Term 1

20th Dec. – 7th Jan December Break 

10th January – First day of Term 2

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