G1 update 19th November

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Term 1 Week 15

Week two of the hybrid learning has not turned out as we had hoped, however, it does highlight the successful Covid 19 protocols in place. We are respecting the privacy of those concerned and hope to return to hybrid teaching next Tuesday. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher or Ms June (june.va@kis.ac.th).

Monday Changes

7.50am Morning meeting All students
8.50am Group 1  Small Group Aleema, Charlotte, Pann, Aki, Pun, Lynn Lynn, Miller, Parami, Prim, Trin, Aiden, Third, Mickey
8.50am Group 2  Small Group Nini, William, Paul, Thanwa, Charn, Mirin, Tynn, Mat, Thee, Tupp, Arvid, JiaJia, BM
9.50am Group 3   Small Group Mohana, Aimmy, Nisha, Amy, Chanya, Mika, Penplerm, Tate, Teya

Thursday Changes (Group 3 only)

9.50am Group 3 

Mohana, Aimmy, Nisha, Amy, Chanya, Mika, Penplerm, Tate, Teya (all remote Group 3 students)


Inquiry this week will support the students to reflect on how they relax, stay calm and problem solve situations where conflict may be present. We will tune-in to Kelso’s Choices and begin to explore the strategies promoted by Kelso and how they can be used. 


We will be introducing personal narrative writing to connect with our new inquiry of Mindset. Reading will develop our understanding that sometimes fiction stories can teach us something.


We will continue to collect, classify and sort data that we collect from G1 students and linked to our knowledge of place value number and number operations.

G1 Weekly Plan W15 T1 November 22 2021

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G1 Student Council Lego Competition.

An optional lego competition is taking place. On Tuesday 23rd at 3PM until Wednesday 8:30AM an activity will be posted for those who wish to take part to post a video of a tower that has been made to tell us about it. There is a 20 point prize for the tallest and a 20 point prize for the most beautiful tower. There are 2 house points for participation. If your child wishes to have the tallest tower please help them to measure it in cms. The G1 Student Council has asked for students to make the tower individually with no support from family. We hope that those who wish to participate have the chance to get busy on their projects over the weekend.

Student Council Lego Competition

This week in G1

We have started our Who we are unit about Mindsets and have begun to find out what the students know about this topic. The students have reported on their strengths and goals for changes that they want to make.


They have also started to think about thinking.



Students have been busy at home and in school. We had a dress up day on Wednesday.

In Literacy we have been combining sentences to extend our writing and have been recording diaries in order to complete personal narratives next week –

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Thank you from the G1 team.

Take care and we wish hou a happy LOY KHRATONG.

Upcoming dates

6th December In remembrance of HM King Bhumibol’s Birthday  (school and office closed)

17th December last day of Term 1

20th Dec. – 7th Jan. December Break 

10th January – First day of Term 2

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