G1 update 11th February

Term 2 Week 6

School will reopen as usual on 21st February with 7:40AM drop off and 2:10PM pick up until restriction ease further.

In Inquiry, we will look into how we express ourselves, thinking about drawing, images, pictures, song, music, dance, speaking and writing, as well as, movement and body language.

For maths, we will begin to explore shape by using shapes for art as well as looking at the lines that form shapes in the environment and in images around us.

In literacy, we will extend our creativity through acrostic poems.

G1 Weekly Plan W6 T2 February 21 2022

This week in G1

It was Maths Week and we estimated, thought about where we see maths being used around us. We asked why we use maths and why different types of maths exist. We dressed up in maths inspired costumes on Friday. Maths is with us every day, not only this week but we loved connecting ideas that we had visited before and drawing on our experiences to articuate our wonderings and knowledge.


In inquiry we thought about experiences and ideas as a part of what we want to express.


We wrote poems in literacy, expressing our feelings about the people who are so important to us – our mother and father.


We wish all our community a safe, happy and healthy holiday. We have met all our challenges as a team and have emerged successfully as lifelong learners.

See you on 21st.

The G1 team

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