G1 update 25th February

Term 2 Week 7


We will deconstruct and construct 3D shapes, describing the shapes, angles, lines and properties of them. If you have empty cardboard boxes of any size at home, we would appreciate it if you could donate them on Monday and Tuesday to help us with our maths inquiry.


Students will reflect on the forms of self-expression they favour and make goals about the forms of expression they would like to explore and develop next, as well as, deciding what they want to express about themselves. 


We will begin to retell stories in sequence with beginning, middle and end and take a look at nursery rhymes to see what connections we can make to them.

G1 Weekly Plan W7 T2 February 28 2022

Parent teacher conferences and goals

On Monday, your child’s self reflection and goal setting rubrics will be sent home for you to look through and discuss with your child before the Parent/Teacher conference the following week. This should enable you to think through any questions, comments or information you wish to share in your meeting with the class teacher. 

The sign up sheet for the ZOOM conferences will be available from the 28th February and the conferences take place in the week beginning 7th March. If the meeting times do not fit your schedule please contact the class teacher directly by email.

G1A helen.mc@kis.ac.th

G1B lisa-di@kis.ac.th

G1C ashley.ke@kis.ac.th


Swimming will return to the primary curriculum in Week 9 (March 14) after parent teacher conferences. Students will arrive at school with their swimming costume under the uniform (don’t forget to pack underwear in the bags).


Dates to remember

Monday February 28th Parent Teacher conference sign up

Week beginning 7th March Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 18th March Swimming returns

28th March – 1st April Book Week

This week in Grade 1

Creativity has abounded as we express our ideas , feelings and information to each other in many ways. We have explored shape and lines through art, thinking, ideas and identity through poetry and thought out all the forms of expression that are available to us.

Look out for student inquiry through play in discovering the properties of shapes and how lines are used in the slideshow.


In literacy time we have been writing acrostic poetry.


In our inquiry into expression we thought about the different ways in which we can express ourselves.


We celebrated Crazy Hair Day today and our families were as creative as ever in changing our appearance.

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