G1 Update 4th March

The week in pictures…


Term 2 / The week ahead (Week 8)

Changes to classes.

Ms Lisa is currently in isolation as her daughter has tested positive for COVID-19. She remains negative. Lisa will return March 14. Class B has been split into Class A and C.

Class A: Arvid, Mickey, Pann, Paul, William, Mohana (PE Tue, Wed, Fri)

Class C: Jia Jia, Minjun, Prim, Tate, Teya, Third (PE Mon, Wed, Fri) 


Students are introduced to the idea of selecting an artifact from home to demonstrate their understanding of our central idea. Students are asked to select an artifact and bring it to school by Wednesday. Students will explain their artifact and how it connects to their understanding of how they express themselves.


In Writing we will be exploring grammar: nouns, verbs and adjectives and in reading we will continue our understanding of how to identify the beginning, middle and end of a story.


We will compare how different shapes are used in the environment, connecting language of measurement as well as asking ‘why?’ We will begin to explore the language of position and direction through inquiry and coding. We will soon be looking at maps. If you have maps from visits to zoos, parks, museums etc that you are willing to give to us, please send them in as they will be great resources for us.

Parent teacher conferences and goals

On Monday, we will begin Parent / Teacher conferences. We have sent home your child’s goals to discuss. yIf the meeting times do not fit your schedule please contact the class teacher directly by email. Zoom links are located in the sign-up sheet.

G1A helen.mc@kis.ac.th

G1B lisa-di@kis.ac.th

G1C ashley.ke@kis.ac.th


Swimming will return to the primary curriculum in Week 9 (March 14) after parent teacher conferences. Students will arrive at school with their swimming costume under the uniform (don’t forget to pack underwear in the bags).

Book Week

Tales from around the world – we are looking for parents who would like to record a fairy tale / fable from their childhood, language or culture. Our goal is to celebrate our diversity with as many tales in all cultures as possible. Please email Lisa if you are able to assist (Lisa.di@kis.ac.th)

Dates to remember

Week beginning 7th March Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday 18th March Swimming returns

28th March – 1st April Book Week


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