G1 Update March 11, 2022

Last week we had the pleasure of connecting with Grade 1 families to discuss your child’s progress. It was exciting to share with you the progress your child has made so far this year. As many of the meetings discussed, academic levels have continued to grow both with remote and in-class learning. Our focus for the past few months has been developing communication, social and problem solving skills within our grade community, skills that have been difficult to practice during remote learning. 

The week in Photos


Swimming will return to the primary curriculum in Week 9 (March 14) after parent teacher conferences. Grade 1 classes swim on Fridays. Students should arrive at school already wearing their swimming costume under their school uniform (please don’t forget to pack underwear and spare masks in your child’s bag). Also please ensure that your child has their name on all of their clothes and swimming possessions. Personal items can occasionally go missing and it is so much easier to locate items if they have a name clearly written on them. Please remember that swimming is an essential part of the grade 1 program and an important life skill for children to learn.


We will begin our new inquiry this week which is an exploration of environments, their specific purpose and their individual features. We will tune into what environments are and explore what the students know already. We will also challenge the students to design their own environment using their current knowledge.


In Maths we will be working on directions and simple mapping as part of the shape and space strand of maths.


Language we will be introducing a new genre of writing – instructional writing. We will begin the week looking at writing steps to make a simple jam sandwich and planting seeds and then review what we need to include for understanding.

Book Week:  March 28 – April 1

Tales from around the world – we are looking for parents who would like to record a fairy tale / fable from their childhood, language or culture. Our goal is to celebrate our diversity with as many tales in all cultures as possible. Please email Lisa if you are able to assist (Lisa.di@kis.ac.th)

Dates to remember

18th March (Friday lessons for Grade 1) Swimming returns

28th March – 1st April Book Week

8th April – last day of Term 2

25th April – first day of Term 3

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