G1 Update March 18, 2022

The week in Pictures

Learning about directions in the playground, Grade 4 Forces & Motion inquiry golf courses, and exploring the IB Art Exhibition.


We will be asking the students to share their wonderings and questions about environments, and taking a closer look at our immediate environments at school, our classroom, the Primary school and the whole school. 



In maths we continue with directions and maps, connecting our learning with our field trip through the Moo Baan next week. We will also be developing these skills through a program game called Kodable.



We will be looking at grammar this week, introducing the use of commas and transition words to support their instructional writing. Reading will look at remembering facts or events in a story.


Book Week:  March 28 – April 1

Tales from around the world – we are looking for parents who would like to record a fairy tale / fable from their childhood, language or culture. Our goal is to celebrate our diversity with as many tales in all cultures as possible. Please email Lisa if you are able to assist (Lisa.di@kis.ac.th)

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to have book sellers visit KIS. However, we have arranged for a virtual sale through 53 Books. They are offering a 10% discount for all books purchased online. Books will be delivered to KIS and distributed following Book Week.



Dates to remember

  • 28th March – 1st April Book Week
  • 8th April – last day of Term 2
  • 25th April – first day of Term 3
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