G1 update 24th March

In preparation for the Field trip’s next week, we went together to observe the Secondary School and Design Centre buildings as we have been unable to see them due to restrictions until recently. We practiced our skills of observation and started to make connections to the larger community of KIS.

This was a part of our inquiry in to environments which is in our Where We Are In Place And time Unit. We have been thinking of questions about environments and drawing out our connections to the immediate environments around us – G1, Primary School and KIS.


Students are connecting to previous inquiries – connecting maths concepts through shapes and lines and mapping, to previous units about How We organise Oourselves and Who We Are.

In maths we have been mapping and giving directions as well as describing location. These are also concepts that relate to the Transdisciniplary theme Where We Are In Place And TIme. Students have mapped their classrooms and created directions to get to the door. They have also described where they are standing or sitting.


Of course, directions and location link to Literacy and you can see that we are connecting ideas across subject areas, enriching the experience of our G1 students.

Next week in G1


This week we will be exploring our immediate environments at school in more detail. Last week we tuned into what the students knew, now we will expand that knowledge by identifying the school environments more accurately and exploring specific form and function. This will support the students to begin to construct an understanding of how and why environments are designed. 


We are focussing on location, position and direction to describe where we are and where we are moving in space. This helps us to describe our environment in detail. We will also learn about quarter, half and full turns.


It’s Book Week ! We will be exploring and creating books together, culmination in dress up day on Friday 1st April.

G1 Weekly Plan W11 T2 March 28 2022

Field Trip: Moo Baan Kesinee

Grade 1 will spend the next three weeks as part of our inquiry exploring the local environment. For three weeks, each class will walk for 30-40min in the Kisinee compound to look at the map of the area, use of the land, buildings and purpose of our local environment. Students will need a hat and water bottle. We will leave at 8,30 when the local traffic is quiet and it is not yet so hot.

MONDAYS – G1C (Mr. Ashley + Ms Cha + 2 guards) – March 28, April 4

THURSDAYS – G1B (Ms. Lisa + Ms Nong + 2 guards) – March 31, April 7

FRIDAYS – G1A (Ms. Helen + Mr Danny + 2 guards) – April 1, April 8

ECAs (After School Classes)

After school classes start on Monday. You will have been informed if your child’s club is running. Pick up time is 3:30PM

Upcoming Dates To Remember

March 28-April 1 Book Week Primary School will be celebrating “Tales from around the world.
April 1 Book Character Dress-up Day Primary school students will be encouraged to come to school dressed up as characters from the tales.
April 6 Chakri Day (school & office closed)
April 8 Last day of Term 2
April 11-15 Songkran Holiday
No school for students

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