G1 update 1st April

In Maths we have continued to work on direction and location in a variety of ways. Next week, we will be using these skills with robots with our IT specialist, Mr. Eric.


Here is an example of how we practised with our friends in class.



This week, we started our field trips to look at the local environment for our unit Exploring Environments in Where We are In Place And Time.

Importantly, this was our first experience of a being able to leave the school building during the pandemic, so we were also acquiring skills of moving as a group, keeping safe and doing our work in a new way. These are all skills that we will need throughout our IB journey.


It has been Book Week and G1 have become authors and have published books in class. Photos and details of all that has been done can be found here, along with examples from other grades.

Book Week 2022


It was a special week for G5 and we had the chance to visit  the PYP Exhibition in the hall which is an important visit for us to see what we will do in the future.

We worked as a team to create a Songkran Tessellation for our doorway, which we will complete next week.



Next week in G1

Field Trip: Moo Baan Kesinee

Grade 1 will spend the next three weeks as part of our inquiry exploring the local environment. For three weeks, each class will walk for 30-40min in the Kisinee compound to look at the map of the area, use of the land, buildings and purpose of our local environment. Students will need a hat and water bottle. We will leave at 8,30 when the local traffic is quiet and it is not yet so hot.

MONDAYS – G1C (Mr. Ashley + Ms Cha + 2 guards) – April 4

THURSDAYS – G1B (Ms. Lisa + Ms Nong + 2 guards) – April 7

FRIDAYS – G1A (Ms. Helen + Mr Danny + 2 guards) – April 8



Swimming is part of our curriculum and it is expected that students participate every week. Students are to come to school on Friday with a swimsuit under their uniform. Please do not forget to pack underwear.



This week we will continue to explore environments. We will reflect on the environment of the school Moo Bann and what we learned from our field trips last week. Students will then be asked to describe environments they are interested in. We will use the key concepts form and function to structure our investigations. 



We begin our inquiry into how we write an opinion. Students will be looking at how to write a strong introduction and conclusion to a non-fiction text using simple strategies of using a question, feeling or fact. In reading we continue to look at recalling a story with detail and in sequential order.



Small groups will visit the IT centre to code and control robots in sessions with Mr. Eric to utilise the skills we have been practising in the past two weeks. In class, students will revisit and review past skills before the break.


G1 Weekly Plan W12 T2 April 4 2022


Dates to remember

6th April – Chakri Day (no school)

8th April – last day of Term 2

18th April – first day of Term 3




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