G1 update 8th April

Our Songkran break starts today and school reopens on 18th April. We wish all our families the best for a new year and peace and happiness and deserved rest for the coming week.



This week, we have all visited the IT suite to begin coding with Mr. Eric. This allowed us to practice using our direction and location skills and also gave us an opportunuty to work in teams.

In inquiry, we are looking at form and function of environments.

For literacy, we have written strong introductions:

And strong conclusions:

Next week in G1 ( after the break)


This week we will consolidate the students’ connections and understanding of environments. We will give the students to select their own environments and describe the form and function of the different elements of the environment and the environment itself. 


In maths we will start looking at fractions by dividing shapes and clocks into halves and quarters, adding to what we already know through shape and turns. We will start sharing amounts into 2 and 4 as an introduction to fractions and division.


We will start to focus in depth on story writing and creating character.

G1 T3 W1 Weekly Plan April 18 2022

We thank you for all your support throughout this term. Wishing you all the best for this special time.






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