Friday 22nd April

The week past…

The week ahead…


Students will share their understanding of environments through a number of summative engagements. The first will be a showcase of Artifacts that students bring from home to share their connections to environments. The second will be a creation of a non-fiction book to explain their understanding of the central idea. 



Literacy we will be integrating our learning with inquiry to create a book of what we understand. This will support their understanding of non-fiction books and the features of these books. In reading we continue with phonics sound and quick recognition and spelling of sight words.



We will read and create times on clocks to the quarter hour. This is a good skill to practise at home. Share when you are going to do activities eg we will leave the hose ina half hour. Ask your child what time it is – we are also practising skip counting around the clock in 5s so they are learning to say 10:25, 6:35 etc. We will also move into sharing shapes and numbers in to halves and quarters to connect the concepts together and look for patterns.


Cartoon Character Exhibition

This year we are celebrating the illustrators – without their skills, books would be rather boring. Week 3 we will focus on graphic novels and cartoons and look at the characters on the pages. To help celebrate our artists, we will be holding an exhibition of our communities’ cartoon characters. Students will be given paper next week to draw their own cartoon character or re-create one they love. Entries are due May 8.



Swimming is part of our curriculum and it is expected that students participate every week. Students are to come to school on Friday with a swimsuit under their uniform. Please do not forget to pack underwear.

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