G1 update 29th April

Cartoon Character Exhibition

This year we are celebrating illustrators – without their skills, books would be rather boring. In week 3 , we will focus on graphic novels and cartoons and look at the characters on the pages. To help celebrate our artists, we will be holding an exhibition of our communities’ cartoon characters. Students will be given paper on Friday to draw their own cartoon character or re-create one they love. Entries are due May 9th in school and can be completed over the long weekend at home.

Cartoonist Day (2)

Term 3 Week 3 holidays

Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th May are holidays and KIS will not be open on those days.

Next Week in G1


In Literacy we will be developing our understanding of opinions. We began this week looking at our favourite environments (places) in Bangkok and explaining why these places are important. Next week we  will review the power of introductions and conclusions to an opinion. In reading we continue with phonics sound and quick recognition and spelling of sight words.


We will open up the Sharing The Planet unit about communities by tuning in to the transdisciplinary theme and central idea. It is time to review some other units in preparation for the Student Led Conferences.


In Maths we will review the maths strands pattern and function, number, data management in preparation for the Student Led Conferences and also to connect ideas together. We will continue to explore time and fractions in real situations. Time and reading clocks is an aspect of maths that benefits from practice at home,


Swimming is part of our curriculum and it is expected that students participate every week. Students are to come to school on Friday with a swimsuit under their uniform. Please do not forget to pack underwear. Medical certificates are required for any exemption.

This week in G1

Our classroom environments have begun to change and ease out of the restrictions that we have operated under. Each classroom has rearranged tables to engage groups in different ways, allowing spaces for plants and mats for us to enjoy.

Our artifacts for the end of our Where We Are In Place And Time unit our on display in each class.

The biggest excitement of all has been the creation of a terrarium in the vacant tanks.

Students were involved in this last change and more exciting information will follow soon.

Dates to remember

Monday 2nd  May Labour Day substitution. School closed.

Wednesday 4th May Coronation Day  School closed

Monday 16th May Student Led Conferences Students do not attend class. A sign up sheet will be shared and families will visit in hourly slots to discuss progress with each student.

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