Final week update

The Upcoming Week in G1

We have been learning about the ocmmunity recently and throughout the year have included student voice in our planning and inquiries.

The G1 students listed activities they would like in the final week, so here is the upcoming programme of events the students asked for by day.

Monday – Play and bring a toy day (no violent toys or technology)

Tuesday – Class Food Party (Please add food that you will be bringing so the choice is balanced. No nuts)

Wednesday -.Big Playground exploration. Lots of time exploring their new playground environment.

Thursday – Dress up day. Students can wear anything they would like (PJ’s, costumes, favourites)

Friday – Swim Party. Instead of our regular swim lessons, we will have a swim party with the grade. Students can change into play clothes after.

Information for last day of school

School Bus on June 10th
School bus will be leaving at 12 noon on Friday, June 10th. Students who finish before 12 p.m. may need to wait until the rest of their bus friends finish school. Should you wish to arrange your own transportation for your child to go home on the last day of school, please email to inform of your intention.

The last day of school, Friday June 10th, as in previous years, will be a half day for students. Pick up times will be as follows:

  • G1- EY3 – 11:10 am
  • G2 – G3 – 11:20 am
  • G4 – G5 – 11:30 am
  • Ey1 -Ey2 – 11:40 am

Friday 10th June  – Last Day of School (half day, 12:00pm dismissal)

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