Farewell and Happy Summer to the G1 Class of 21-22

Our final day has come and we are about to head in to a well deserved break. We wish our whole community health and happiness through June, July and August. We look forward to seeing you again in the next school year, and wish luck to our friends – William who is heading to a new school in Bangkok and Mohana who is starting a new, exciting chapter in Germany. We know they will make new friends and carry the KIS spirit with them and we wish their families luck.

This week we followed the plan of activities that were suggested by G1 students. Here is what we did each each day.

Monday – toy day.


On Tuesday we had our class party and were so busy that we only got a photo of the food!


On Wednesday we visited the Upper School Playground a few times, and once again, we were so busy interacting that we didn’t take any pictures AGAIN!

On Thursday, we dressed as we wanted, enjoyed time and space and spending time together. We packed up the classrooms and loaded up our bags to go home.


We enjoyed fun pool time in the lovely morning weather on our last morning.


We enjoyed ourselves and each other, spending happy time with our community.


Friday was all about Ms. June who departs the school after 2 decades with us and leading the school for many of those years.


As the school year ends, we thank our students for their enthusiasm and love of learning and community. We are definitely priveleged to have met the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Student Council Reps Chanya, Jia Jia, BM and Aimmy have carried out their responsibilities with impressove maturity and commitment and we congratulate them and hope that they stay as active in the coming years.

Finally, we thank the families of G1 students, who have given us wholehearted support in all the different situations we have encountered. We wish we could have seen you more but we always felt you with us, your warmth, generosity and perseverance through all.

With thanks and best regards. Have a great summer!

Ms. Lisa, Mr. Ashley, Ms Nong, Ms Cha, Mr. Danny , Ms. Ploy and Ms. Helen

Calendar for next academic year

School Calendar 2022-23_For Staff Use Only 10.6.2022



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