March 16th – 19th

March 15th is a school holiday. We return to school on Tuesday March 16th. Swimming resumes for G1 on Friday 19th March. Please read the attached letter for the protocols and expectations for the sessions.

Swim Program resuming March 16, 2021

We thank you for meeting with us to discuss your child’s goals for the rest of the G1 year. Despite not taking place face to face we feel that a healthy and meaningful discussion between home, school and student was facilitated through the reflection booklet which everyone had discussed carefully. We look forward to the developments of the coming weeks.

field trip

The G1 classes learned a great deal about the purposes, shapes and materials in buildings during their field trips this week. We will be applying this knowledge in our inquiries in the coming weeks.

You can see the interest and discovery in the photos above. Everyone was highly engaged in learning more about the immediate environment of KIS school’s area.

Upcoming dates to remember
March Break ( school closed)  Monday 15th
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
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Monday 8th – 12th March


We thank out G1 families for going through the students’ goals carefully  at home in preparation for the 3 Way Conferences that take place this week. The conferences take place as follow:

Class A : Monday 5th March

Class B: Tuesday 6th March

Class C: Wednesday 10th March

Make-up: 11th and 12th March

Conferences take place via ZOOM. Protocols for the meetings are in the previous post below.

field trip

G1 Field Trip in Kesineeville

As a part of our tuning in to our current unit about buildings, each class will view houses and other buildings in the estates around school in the coming week. The visits go ahead in this order:

Wednesday 10th March Class B 10-11:20 AM

Thursday 11th March Class A 8-9:30AM

Friday 12th March Class C 10 – 11:20AM

As the weather is heating up, it is important that your child has a cap and a water bottle on the day to protect from the sun. More information is available here:

G1 DayTrip in Kesinee Ville – Parent Letter

Importantly, we need the permission slip below completed either digitally or in hard copy for your child to be able to leave the school premises with us. If we do not receive this before departure your child will not be able to participate in the off-site visit.

Day Trip Permission Form 2020-2021

Other news in G1

G1 students enjoyed the popcorn sale. The overall total at the end of the day was just over 11,000 baht. Thank you for helping us by organising the money in order for it to be collected and counted safely.

There are many great examples of where we live on Seesaw that are helping us to tune in to our new unit. We use these examples in class to help us make connections between the concepts and lines of inquiry and the students’ home lives and general knowledge so the submissions there are highly useful to us all.

Monday is a holiday for school and school will not be open.

The Heat Index is increasing and your child should bring a water bottle to school every day.

Grade 1 will visit the G5 exhibition class by class this week. Here are links to the exhibition pages 5A5B and 5C

Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – March 5 (1)

Upcoming dates to remember
Parent/ Teacher Conferences via ZOOM 8th-12th March
1B Field Trip Wednesday 10th March
1A Field Trip Thursday 11th March
1C Field Trip Friday 12th March
March Break ( school closed)  Monday 15th
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
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Zoom 3 Way Conferences 8th – 12th March

“Next week is parent conferences in the Primary School. By now everyone should have signed up for an interview time on the forms sent to you by your child’s teacher, if you haven’t managed to do this please contact the teacher directly.  As our meetings are being done via zoom they will look, and be a different experience for both you and the teacher’s, here’s a couple of helpful guidelines for a successful conference.


  • Be on time for your meeting, the time period is not long, however teacher’s are meeting back to back throughout the day making punctuality important

  • Try to find a location where you can have a focused and confidential conversation without distractions.

  • If you haven’t already, please have a discussion with your child about their goals and what they are working on so you can use this information as a basis for your conference. This information was shared with you by the teacher earlier in the week.

  • Please try to be a couple of minutes early to the conference and wait in the waiting room, you will be invited into the zoom room at your given conference time. “


Many thanks for your support, any questions or feedback welcome, please enjoy your conferences.”


Ms. June

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1st to 5th March 2021

We hope that you all feel refreshed after the break at the weekend.  Though the week was shorter for the students last week, we were busy in preparation for the Three Way Conferences. As these will take the form of 15 minute ZOOM meetings between teacher and parent, the students’ portion of the conference is prepared and will be sent home on Tuesday 2nd March in the homework folder. A booklet has been prepared for you to work through with your child to discuss their goals. Here is a suggestion of the kinds of questions you can ask your to further understand their  self-set aims for the rest of the school year.

Questions for 3WC

Conferences for 1A will be on 8th March, 1B on 9th March and 1C on 10th March with some make up times on 11th and 12th. The conference sign up sheet was sent last week. Here is the link to sign up with the class teacher. Please contact the teacher if you can not make any of the available times.

Sign up for G1 3WC

Conferences will last for 15 minutes and will run to time in order to keep to the timetable. The waiting room will be set up in ZOOM and you will be be held there until your allotted time.

Popcorn Sale for Student Council March 5th

There is a great deal of excitement about the popcorn sale on March 5th. The popcorn MUST be pre-ordered because of Covid 19 restrictions. A bag costs 20 baht. Please send an envelope with the name of the student AND class ( not grade), quantity of bags and amount of money inside clearly labelled on the outside of the envelope. Bags will be delivered to class in the afternoon.

Letters and messages from admin

KIS Strategic Plan 2020-25 (1)

Parent Update from the HOS – Feb 25

Upcoming dates to remember
Popcorn sale SC 5th March
Parent/ Teacher Conferences via ZOOM 8th-12th March
March Break ( school closed)  Monday 15th
April 2nd Last day of 2nd term
April 19th School reopens after Songkran break
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15th to 19th February 2021

We are safely back into our routines both during, before and after school. Please refer to the letters sent by HOS and Ms. Shelley for the protocols for clubs after school in order for us to maintain safe levels of social distancing.

In class, we continue to inquire into self-expression and much of the work is available to view on Seesaw, particularly photos, videos and reflection. We still have a focus on adjectives and description for literacy shape, lines, fractions and multiplication basics as well as daily data in Math. We are trying to connect all forms of expression together and find the relationships between the purposes and forms of expression that surround us.

Additionally, we celebrated New Year last week by making lanterns which are on display in the Atrium – G1 lanterns are easy to spot. We thank you for contributing to The Hub via the envelopes to share the joy of the new year of the ox.

Here is a VERY brief selection of work completed. Please visit the class journal on Seesaw to see more wonderful work.


Messages and letters from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – Feb 12

KIS Strategic Plan 2020-25

Upcoming dates to remember
Sign Up for Conferences Monday 22nd February 
Professional development for teachers  No school for students. 
Thursday 25th February 
Macha Bucha day/ Feb break    School closed Friday 26th February
Parent/ Teacher Conferences via ZOOM 8th-12th March
March Break ( school closed)  Monday 15th March

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February 8th to 12th 2021

We had a successful return to school last week and were happy to see each other while observing the strict social distancing rules. We thank our families for sending materials back promptly and supporting us by adhering to pick up rules, clearing the waiting areas and allowing your children to show independence by dropping them off to prevent the spread of the virus.

This week, after school activities start which means that new routines will commence. You will have received a mail from Ms. Shelley detailing the designated waiting area should you need to stay to pick up your child whilst holding one from another grade. Playgrounds, atrium, staircases and classrooms are not open for play and you should leave KIS if you are not waiting for pick up.


We will be celebrating Lunar New Year over the week. Friday is the culmination of our celebrations and community members and students are encouraged to wear red or Chinese outfits to celebrate this event.  We wish our G1 families that celebrate at home luck and fortune throughout the festival and the coming year. Further information will be sent out by G3 staff detailing donation that will be happening for The Hub.

Homework will start again this week. Homework folders will be sent home on Friday and should be sent back on Friday.It is important that the items are returned in order to be checked off and presently, disinfected as well. We hope that G1 students are taking on responsibility for preparing the return of homework and other materials and resources that are needed in school as part of their development and growth.


Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – Feb 5

KIS Strategic Plan 2020-25

Chinese New Year Letter To Parents

Upcoming dates to remember
Lunar New Year Celebration    Friday 12th February
Parent forum with HOS 8:30 AM Friday 12th February
Professional development for teachers  No school for students. 
Thursday 25th February 
Macha Bucha day/ Feb break    School closed Friday 26th February
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Friday 29th January Welcome back to our families

Congratulations Grade 1 Community!

Not only have you survived another remote learning experience, our students have thrived. We have seen changes in every student over the last 4 weeks, whether it is increased writing skills, quality reading aloud, confidence with numbers or self-management skill development. Every student has grown. Each growth is credited to the community surrounding that child. Thank you for your ongoing support and we hope you have enjoyed being part of your student’s learning journey.

Monday 1st February sees the return to school for all students. Friday we set a task for Grade 1 to organize all the equipment they will need for their return. Please do not forget extra masks in the backpack and a water bottle. If your child has PE on Monday – please wear the PE uniform to school. There will be no swimming this week and the students will have PE instead.

We would like to welcome our new students also who have joined us this term (and we finally meet on Monday). YueYue, Anna and Miyuu – welcome to Grade 1 at KIS.

Students arriving after 7.30am will be sent directly to their classrooms. Students arriving in the morning will use the front staircase. Please take advantage of the drop-off area in Primary to ensure social distancing is maintained. If your child arrives before 7.30am they will need to wait in the atrium.

After-school pick up with a return to the back staircase outside the Thai classrooms. This is to ensure we are able to social distance from Grade 2 parents. You will be able to wait in the Thai classroom (Ms Lisa’s old classroom) this time to provide more room for you to wait. Please limit pickup to one parent per child.

There will be no home learning for Week 5 – we feel that parents have been working hard enough over the last few weeks and may need some time for themselves. We do encourage students to read every night.

Thank you again for your continued support. The Grade 1 team are looking forward to seeing your child’s smiling face on Monday. Have a lovely weekend

Grade 1 Team

List of items to return to school

– ORT Books
– Whiteboard and eraser
– Math equipment
– Personal pencil case with writing pencils, coloured pencils and eraser
– Blue writing book
– Red math book
– Spare masks
– Water Bottle 
Messages from HOS and admin



Upcoming dates to remember
Professional development for teachers  No school for students. 
Thursday 25th February 
Macha Bucha day/ Feb break    School closed Friday 26th February
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Friday 22nd January Updates for our families

We have now completed three amazing weeks of remote learning. As teachers, we have been fortunate to be able to come into school to prepare and teach the students. Our entire team has so much passion for teaching the children that we have all been in school, rather than at home. Feedback from all classes is that each student has pushed themselves in many different ways to continue their learning path.

Each day we assign (excluding specialists) four tasks a day: Reading, Writing, Maths and Inquiry. The expectation is that students complete these tasks on the day they have been assigned to avoid being overwhelmed by the total number of tasks for the week. We understand that each family is unique though and may not be able to complete each day. We will be including a guide to how long each task should take also. This guide includes the student getting reading for the task, reading the instructions, watching any learning video attached, discussing the activity with family and during the Class zoom with their teacher and completing the task. If your child is taking longer, please contact your class teacher to discuss how we can support your child. To recap we have also reduced the number of tasks on Friday so that day can be used to catch up if necessary.

Next week we will change the times of the

  • parent help desk (1.30pm Monday), 
  • student help desk (1.30pm Tuesday and Thursday) and we will 
  • Introduce “Community Chat” (1.30pm Wednesday and Friday). 

We understand that our students may be an only child and not able to connect with other students. Community Chat will be a time students can access zoom to talk with their friends. This is a monitored Zoom by Grade 1 to ensure the safety of the students and that the platform is being used correctly.

Following parent concerns, we are currently looking into the length of Zoom calls for the day as children may be spending too much time watching a screen each day. Please continue to provide feedback on how your child is during remote learning, if there are suggestions or any concerns that we may be able to support. If remote learning continues into February, we will be organising a new package for student learning that will include resources and new guided reading books.

Information for Week 4 25th – 29th January

Resource list for next week

Screenshot 2021-01-22 at 1.29.40 PM


G1 weekly Plan Term 2 Week 4 January 25 2021

Grade 1 Timetable Remote Learning (1)

This week in G1

Each day, Ms. Lisa greets the grade with the morning message outlining tasks for the day and to help G1 feel that they have a community that actively communicates. Many students like to check in here to say hello, to say that they understand tasks, to share personal information or extra work they have done and also to say they have finished work as it is completed. Here are the greetings for Thursday 21st January this week.

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Friday 15th January Updates for our families

THANK YOU!!! Thank you to all the parents and caregivers this week who have supported our children during remote learning. We have had almost 100% attendance on Zoom and completion of learning activities. We understand that you have had frustrating times during the week finding the right zoom links, remembering call times, and trying to understand our program of inquiry. We very much appreciate everything you are doing.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any problems, questions or concerns. Luckily our parent community has been keeping us informed of issues with zoom links and Seesaw tasks so that they can be corrected immediately, with little impact to our students. We are here not only to support our students, but also the community around them. Our student welfare is the highest priority at the moment.

This week we begin our new unit of inquiry into How We Express Ourselves: We can express ourselves through our ideas and feelings. We start discussions into what is self-expression.

Next week we will introduce an optional math inquiry task on Wednesday for the week. THIS IS OPTIONAL.

Attached is our weekly timetable, weekly overview plan, zoom links, and any resources you may need for next week’s lessons. Please post all Art activities into Seesaw as you will then be able to have a record of your child’s learning, Padlet is an option.

Class A Timetable

Class B Timetable

Class C Timetable

Weekly plan

G1 weekly Plan Term 2 Week 3 January 18 2021

Resource list

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 3.30.21 PM

Upcoming dates to remember
Parent zoom  Monday 18th January 1:40PM
PArent Forum with Head of School Friday 22nd JAnuary 8:30PM
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Friday 8th January Updates for G1 families

What a fabulous start to Term 2. While it was not the start we were expecting back in December, the entire Grade 1 (students and families) have embraced our new environment and continued our learning journey. We thank our families for your ongoing support and commitment to your child’s learning. Your support makes our role significantly easier. Please reach out to any of our Grade 1 team for assistance if you or your child are having difficulties. This could be as simple as not understanding the instructions or just having a bad day. We will endeavour to support the students through all of the ups and downs over the next “new normal”.


Every Friday we will be emailing to all families:

  • Weekly planning

  • Weekly timetable for each class

  • Resources required for the following week.


Every day, students will be sent using Seesaw:

  • Welcome message to all classes from one teacher

  • Daily timetable. Please note there will be a timetable & links for each class next week.

  • Links to Zooms for the day

  • List of activities to be completed


Weekly remote learning timetable by class

Here are the remote learning timetables for each class:

Week 2 Term 2 Grade 1 Remote LearningWeek 2 Term 2 Grade 1 Remote Learning (1)Week 2 Term 2 Grade 1 Remote Learning (2)


The downloadable link is pasted below each timetable.

Week Plan for 11th-15th January

G1 weekly Plan Term 2 Week 2 January 11 2021

Resource list for 11th-15th January

Resources T2 Week 2 11-15 January (1)

Help desk and teacher email addresses

 If you or your child have questions or concerns regarding anything, we will have a daily Helpdesk. The Monday helpdesk will be for parents & caregivers only. This will be where parents are able to ask questions about our program. Tuesday – Friday will be for both parents and students. The link will be posted on Seesaw.

Grade 1 Team




Thank you for your amazing support, we cannot thank you enough.

Letters and messages from admin

Parent Update from the HOS – Jan 8

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