Policies, Procedures and Handbooks


Policies and Procedures:

KIS has an extensive policy manual that guides and supports the operations across the school in all departments. The academic policies ensure consistency in practice, and provides a structure for teaching and learning and ensuring student safety, well-being, and welfare. Here are a few policies and procedures you may be interested in reading. Some of the key policies you may wish to view include:

  • Parent Rights and Responsibilities
  • KIS Homework Policy
  • KIS Language Policy
  • KIS Assessment Policy
  • KIS Anti-bullying policy
  • KIS Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
  • KIS Discipline Policy
  • KIS Discipline Procedures
  • KIS Air Quality Policy
  • KIS Heat Index Policy
  • KIS Data Protection Policy

To access these policies please click here

Handbooks and Key Documents

KIS also has handbooks and guidelines to assist you in getting to know your school, expectations, and supportive information, these include:

  • KIS Early Years Handbook
  • KIS Family Handbook (all)
  • KIS Pandemic handbook
  • KIS Remote Primary Remote Learning Handbook
  • KIS Strategic Plan 20-25

To access these documents please click here

IT Acceptable Use Agreement

You will receive the IT Acceptable use agreement with your package of notes from the School Services Department (SS). Please complete this form in order for your child to fully utilize the IT programme at school, without the document, signed by yourself and your child, we will not be able to allow access to the internet. We have sent the letter to all parents and students and have made sure the expectations are age-appropriate for each grade and will be discussed both in the homeroom and in the IT classes. Please chat with your child bout the agreement and perhaps set the same guidelines at home to ensure consistency. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.