Happy Holidays


We would like to thank all the parents for a lovely holiday party with Grade 2. It was enjoyed by all! And a special thank you from the teachers for your kind and generous gifts!

We hope you have a wonderful winter break. See you in the New Year!

Best wishes from the G2 Team

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Holiday Concert

Information about the Holiday ConcertConcert 1`7

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Red Bin Collection

Red BIns Dec 17

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G2 News

The class has been planning their UOI 3 projects, in which they are going to further explore an area of Light and Sound that they have chosen to learn more about. We will be working on these projects this week. Those who are ready may present to the class on Friday, and then we will continue presentations into the following week. The children were given many options for sharing their ideas, including: creating a poster, making a movie, doing a powerpoint. We look forward to learning more about light and sound!


On Wednesday, we will have a field trip to Museum Siam which relates to our Geography unit. We will be learning how people have adapted to living in Thailand over the years, and look at regional diversity and cultural features of Thailand.

On Friday December 15th, G2 students will perform at the KIS Holiday Concert but a change has been made to the schedule. Please note: G2 will be performing in the first show at 9:00 – 10:00 with Early Years and LGS. This change was made due to the length of each program,  and the timing was adjusted to even out the two shows.

On another note, we said farewell to Namo on Friday, and wish him all the best at his new school.


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Secret Santas

 Image result for secret santa clipart

Christmas is just around the corner. We can hear Santa and his reindeer taking to the air to deliver presents to all the little boys and girls.

We are planning to have a Secret Santa this year. The rules are simple. Each child has picked a classmate’s name out of a hat. That person they picked is a secret! Then, we ask the children to think really hard about something they think that person would really like and buy them a present.

If we keep the present cost limit to around 500 baht everyone will be able to afford something nice.

The children know who they are giving to. If you have any questions please email us. All presents will be given at the Christmas Party on December 12th. They may discreetly be brought in any time before that. Please write only the name of the person who the gift is for on the present.

Thank you and a merry Ho Ho Ho!

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Help Our Tree :)

 Image result for christmas decorations clipart free

Thanks to our class mums for sending in and setting up a tree, G2 now has a Christmas tree! But we still need to decorate. We are asking children to bring decorations from home to help make our tree shine. Home-made or store bought are fine. And they will be returned before the Winter Break. Thanks for your support!

Please send ornaments! 🙂

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UOI 3 Light and Sound

G2 had an exciting week tuning into our new unit, Light and Sound. In our provocation, students engaged in a variation of Blindman’s Bluff. Pairs of students took turns guiding and being guided through a makeshift maze to retrieve a button from a cup. It was an interesting way to use our positioning skills and senses of sight and sound.

IMG_3739 IMG_3741 IMG_3744 IMG_3746

We then began to delve into our investigations. A range of activities set up in our three rooms have given the students a chance to explore different aspects of light and sound. These activities will continue next week. Then, each student will choose one concept they would like to investigate further for an in depth project.

IMG_3751 IMG_3750 IMG_3749 IMG_3748

Remember to look at Managebac to see all of the wonderful things we are doing in this UOI.


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G2B “Better When I’m Dancing”

G2B will be performing a dance to the song “Better When I’m Dancing” by Meghan Trainor, at the PS Holiday Concert on December 15th. We have been rehearsing our dance moves and getting a great workout as we practice! You can play the song at home and see if your dancer remembers the steps.

Here is one link to this song:

The costumes for our performance will be a solid colored T-shirt (with a bit of gold) and black pants or leggings. Each student has been assigned one shirt color. Class mums Tang and Dianna are looking into costume details. Please see the color listed for each child:


Red Green Blue
Pan Sven Arty
Arj Vin Namo
Leo Gadi Benjamin
Reo Lucas Rei
June Rose Bujji
Ciara Pim Bea
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Grade 2A Concert Item

Dear Parents of G2A. We will be performing a song called “School’s Out”.

The costume will be Hawaiian or Songkhran Shirts, sunglasses, straw hats and colourful shorts. The theme is “wishing everyone a great holiday”.


The song is below along with the lyrics. We are hoping your child will practice this for a couple of minutes every night.

Schools out




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Student Council Representatives


Pim Pim and Namo are our G2 Student Council Reps! They have been doing a fantastic job attending meetings and reporting back to the classes. Three cheers to our fine reps!

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