First Day in Grade 2

It is not unusual for children to feel nervous on the first day of a new school year, however this year, the children came in full of confidence and enthusiasm.

The classes stayed separate for most of the day as they went through their Morning Meeting routines getting to know each other and sharing the experiences from the holidays. It was great to see the children listening to each other attentively and asking interesting questions.

The children also got to decorate their cubbies, make name tags and start personalizing their classrooms.

As the week progresses we will bring the 2A’s, B’s and C’s together for some activities focusing on creating class agreements and expectations to help us all learn in a friendly, welcoming and safe environment.

Have a wonderful week and we look forward to sharing more posts with you.

The G2 Team




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Grade 2 Schedules

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to be able to share the children’s weekly schedule with you. This will help you plan what days to have PE shorts and shirts as well as what other activities the children are doing.

Siera, Marc and Karl

G2 schedule 2018-19 (1)

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Welcome to a New Year!

Dear Grade 2 Parents and Children,


First of all, apologies for the teacher photos not yet being updated on the blog; the ICT department have been working hard to get all the networks up and running, updating Chromebooks, computers and other peripherals so it should be done shortly.

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We are very excited to be starting the new academic year in a new room with a new team. There are a lot of ‘new’ things going on at KIS with the new buildings, the new parking areas and the new uniform. However, don’t be alarmed; with all of this ‘new’ are some ‘olds’. We haven’t changed the way that we care about our children nor have we changed the way we celebrate our diversity and uniqueness. These are  hallmarks of KIS and our sense of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit.


This year’s G2 Teaching Team is Ms Siera, Mr Marc and Mr Karl along with our Education Assistants, Ms Cash and Mr Art. It is important to us that you and your children feel welcome and comfortable in the classroom. We believe in developing a culture of lifelong learning and curiosity in our classrooms teaching the children ‘how to learn’.

Hand drawn doodle elements Travel and adventure Kids drawing

There will be lots of adventures along the way and hopefully lots of opportunities for you to connect with the things we do in the classroom and become even more involved in your child’s learning and growth.

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Our first three weeks are all about relationships. We will be looking at ways to support the children ‘learning to learn’ and having them take ownership of classroom agreements, routines and expectations. It is a valuable time for us to get to know your child and we welcome you to share information with us so we better understand any particular needs and desires.

We look forward to an exciting year ahead getting your child ready fro Grade 3 and … beyond!

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