End of Year Communication

Thank you to all the Grade 2 parents for our kind end of year gifts and for all the support this year! Our students had a fun filled going away party on Thursday, and an exciting final week of school. It’s been a great year, despite all the challenges. We hope you all have wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you next August!


A few photos of the talented a cappella groups from Harvard University. 

We wrapped up the year in maths with a focus on constructing 3 dimensional shapes.

The last weeks of school provided many opportunities to have fun experimenting with and manipulating the states of matter. 

Fun all around at the grade 2 end of year celebration!! 

After many years of dedicated work at KIS, we bid farewell to Ms. June. 

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Week 36-37 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thanks as always for your support! It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over. We are looking forward to a fun final few weeks, and then a nice long break for students, parents and teachers.

This Past Week has been full of science investigations and more learning about the different states of matter. The students have also spent time researching potential science experiments and demonstrations to help them learn more about how matter can change state.

Obstacle Course Relay fun this Friday to celebrate the end of year in our House teams!


This week’s science experiments included evaporating ice and observing how dye reacts to hot and cold water. 

The Week Ahead will be filled with a few final experiments and thinking about different examples of changes of states in the real world. We will also spend time learning about the properties of 3D shapes. It should be fun!

House Challenge Day was this past Friday. The students all worked hard and had a great time during this Student Council led activity.

Thanks again and here’s to an excellent final few weeks!

Red Bins F.pptx (2)

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Week 35-36 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thank very much to everyone for coming to the Student Led Conferences.  We hope you enjoyed your time in the Grade 2 classroom and sharing in some of your child’s learning.  It was great to finally get to meet many of you and have you in school.

This past week has been a fun and interesting one.  Our students learned about how matter can change from one state to another, and looked at some real world examples. The students experimented with different types of candies, and observed what happened when they were exposed to heat.  Each student got the chance to reflect on the different melting points of some of their favourite candies.


Student Led Conferences

Our little scientist were busy inquiring into changing states of matter using temperature. 

For the week ahead our students will conduct some more simple science demonstrations and observe different states of matter in interesting ways.  Our students will also spend time researching possible science experiments that they might like to conduct in class together.

A message from school counselor, Ms. Alex:

Body Safety Workshop

It is important for children to know what it means to keep their body safe, especially their private parts. During the Body Safety Workshops, Ms. Alex talks to students about the names they have for their private parts, how to keep them safe, and what to do if they feel unsafe. This is all done using age appropriate language, and the students are encouraged to practice non-verbal and verbal communication strategies to establish safe boundaries for their own bodies. They learn to find pride and power in using their voice to stand up for themselves and others, and are reminded of the support resources that are available to them at all times. By the end of the workshop, students often express a sense of personal strength and agency. It is very possible that this workshop will spark your child’s curiosity about their own body, and the bodies of others. It is not unusual for your child to come home and ask you questions about their bodies, the differences between boys and girls, and what this all means. Please do take the time to talk to your child about body safety and any other related topics they might bring up. If you haven’t spoken to your child about the names for private parts, please take this opportunity to do so. It is also always best to answer their questions honestly as this will prevent confusion and misunderstandings. It will also ensure an open line of communication, and your child will be more likely to come to you if they ever feel unsafe. If you are not sure how to answer a particular question, you might say “I am not sure how to answer that question right now, can I give you the answer tomorrow?” You are then more than welcome to reach out to me for advice on how to move forward.  

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Week 34-35 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well and excited for your child’s Student Led Conference this coming Monday!  The students are very excited to show their parents around their classroom and share their learning.  We hope you enjoy!

This Past Week our students have spent time reflecting on their learning from earlier in the year, and choosing pieces to place into their online portfolio on Seesaw. Grade 2 has also been busy learning about the states of matter and how the particles in solids, liquids, and gases behave differently.

Students eagerly and excitedly prepared their student-led conferences in preparation for Monday.

Solid, Liquid and Gas, Go! Lots of laughs as children played the Particle Game.

For The Week Ahead we will be doing some more scientific investigation. The students will be learning about how matter changes state and conducting experiments and demonstrations to observe how these changes occur.  It should be lots of fun!

Important notes about Student Led Conferences: the SLC is NOT a regular school day for children.  They will come to school with their parents for the 1 hour period that you have signed up for.  Also, the conference is not a time to speak with teachers about your child’s progress.  It is a time for your child to share their learning. If you have questions for your child’s teacher please contact them via email and we will be happy to chat with you, or correspond via email.  Thanks!

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you next Monday!

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Week 33-34 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well and enjoyed the holidays this week. We are excited to know that all our parent community will get the chance to finally come into the Grade 2 classroom for the Student Led Conferences on May 16th to share some of the student learning. It will be great to have you!

This Past Week was short but sweet. As part of their inquiry into scientific investigation, the students spent time thinking about the kinds of things that scientists do, and the skills that scientists use to help them be successful.  The students also began learning about some of the many different forms of scientific study there are in the world, and designed their very own ideal scientist character that they will use later in the unit.

Students enthusiastically took part in drawing cartoons this week in celebration of Cartoonist Day.

The Week Ahead the students will be inquiring into the three main states of matter, and the differences between them.  Next week our students will also spend a lot of time reflecting on previous learning experiences and preparing to share their learning with their parents as part of the Student Led Conference. It should be a lot of fun!

Cartoon Character Exhibition will be next week.  We have many talented young artists in Grade 2, and they’ve put together some great cartoon character examples together. It will be fun to see them all in one place.

Thanks as always for your support.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Best regards,

Jordan, John, Jessica, Pik, Nook, and Cash



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Week 32-33 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well, and excited for the long weekend ahead.  Thanks as always for your continued support.

This past week has been full of thinking and scientific investigation. The students have got the chance to conduct some interesting science demonstrations and think about what it means to be a scientist.  The students were very excited to get involved in some hands-on scientific exploration.

Students were enthusiastic to work together to perform some simple but fascinating experiments around the states of matter.

This week students also shared their prior knowledge about multiplication concepts before moving on to repeated addition, skip counting and arrays.

In the week ahead our students will be learning about matter and the differences between the states of matter. Our students will also be imagining themselves as a scientist and learn about some of the different types of scientific study. During math lessons, our students will continue to investigate the concept of multiplication. It should be a fun week!

Cartoonist Day, May 5th (see poster below) we will have a PYP celebration of our students’ artistic skills. Students are encouraged to draw their own cartoon character.  These will be displayed in an exhibition next Friday.  Students will have time to work on these in school, but may like to also work on this at home.

Thanks again, and please enjoy your long weekend!

Cartoonist Day (1)


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Week 31-32 Communication

Dear Grade 2 parents,

We hope you are well, and that you and your family had a safe and relaxing Songkran. Thanks as always for your continued support!

This past week has been a fun one here in Grade 2. The students really enjoyed conducting hands-on measurement investigations involving length, mass and capacity.  The students also spent time working on their persuasive speaking and writing skills. During unit of inquiry lessons, our students have been focusing on some of the positive choices that humans make to help nature, and begun to think about action and inventions that might help make our Earth.

Cheers all around for the grade 2 and 3 musicians who performed on Friday 👏👏👏

In mathematics, students explored using different tools for different types of measurement.

In the week ahead our students will begin tuning in to their sixth and final unit of inquiry for the year. The theme of the unit is ‘How The World Works’, and will focus heavily on science and scientific concepts. During the unit the students will be learning about the different states of matter and how these states change from one state to another.  It should be a lot of fun!

Happy Earth Day everyone!  Parents, if you have time, it would be great if you could continue the discussion at home about Earth Day and why it is important to make positive choices for our Earth and the natural environment.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Jordan, John, Jessica, Pik, Cash and Nook


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Week 30-31 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

We hope you are well! Thanks as always for your continued support.  A special thank you to our KISPA representatives for helping organize the kind gifts. They were much appreciated!

This past week our students have been busy inquiring into some of the negative effects that human actions can have on our natural environment.  They have also spent time learning about persuasive forms of writing and speech, and observing and caring for the seeds that our students have planted. Throughout the week the students also spent time decorating their classroom doors to celebrate Songkran.  The results were excellent!


Grade 2 enjoyed working together to design and construct their Songkran door design. Look at how great they came out!

Planting seeds gave the children an opportunity to connect with nature and learn the ups and down of growing and caring for plants.
Children working collaboratively together.

We wish all our Grade 2 families a safe and relaxing break next week.  Happy Songkran to everyone!!  We will be back in school April 18th after a well-deserved holiday.

Best regards,

Jordan, John, Jessica, Nook, Pik and Cash

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Week 29-30 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thank you as always for your support. Despite the ongoing challenges we are proud to say that our Grade 2 students continue to demonstrate their learning and enthusiasm every day, whether they are in school or learning remotely.

This past week has been full of interesting learning experiences. Our students have been inquiring into some of the environmental problems that have been created due to human choices around the world.  Specifically the problem of deforestation and desertification.  Our students learned about the cause and effect of these problems and connected them to their learning from the previous unit about world geography and some great stories we’ve read in class, ‘The Lorax’ and ‘The Great Kapok Tree’.

Check out the wonderful book day costumes on this Padlet: https://padlet.com/lisadi4/isd63pq2pzp239s4

Here you can see students using their thinking and self-management skills to accurately measure length using both non-standard and standard tools.

We visited the grade 5 exhibition this week and saw all the wonderful work and individual inquiries going on. Great job grade 5! 👏

For the week ahead the grade 2 students will be observing the seeds that they planted, while learning first hand about the measurement of capacity or volume.  Our students will also continue to inquiry into some of the negative consequences that human actions have had on our natural environment, and begin looking at the United Nations ‘Good Life Goals’ for the Earth’s future.

Thanks again to all of our Grade 2 community.  Please have a safe and pleasant weekend!

Best regards,

Jordan, Jessica, John, Pik, Cash and Nook

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Week 28-29 Communication

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

Thanks as always for your support!  It’s been another fun filled week in Grade 2, especially with all of our classes and teachers together at school. Thank you so much for taking care and helping our Grade 2 community stay safe.

This past week has been a fun and exciting one in Grade 2!  The students have begun learning about the problem of deforestation and some of the human causes that lead to this issue.  Grade 2 students have also been inquiring into the ways that line graphs can be used to show data over time, and created graphs from data related to the air pollution levels in Bangkok and other cities around the world. During literacy time our students have focused on the first steps when developing persuasive writing and speaking techniques.

Grade 2 students were hard at work this week at school and at home.

In the week ahead our Grade 2 students will begin to grow plants inside our classroom to help learn more about how natural things grow and change.  They will also spend time measuring, charting and graphing the growth of their plants over the coming weeks.  Our students will also spend time learning about the issue of desertification and water pollution, as well as possible choices humans can make to help solve these problems.

Book Week is coming next week!  Our literacy committee is still looking for any volunteers who might like to read and record a story read in a different language.  Please contact your classroom teacher if you or someone in your family might be interested.  There will be some great online book purchasing sites with special school wide sales next week, and on Friday students are encouraged to dress up as a fairy tale themed book character.  Grade 2 has also published 10 informative books about world biomes that they created during the previous unit.  These books will be donated to the library as our Grade 2 Book Week contribution.

Containers and Plants for the Grade 2 Classroom 

Next week we will be attempting to add some nature and green to our classroom space.  Request #1 please have your child bring in a small container or small plastic bottle so that we can plant and begin to grow a small vegetable seed.  Request #2 if possible we would love to have some more plants and in the classroom. If families can donate any plants for use in the classroom it would be much appreciated!

Thanks again and please have a safe and relaxing weekend!

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