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All of the G2 students are well into our UOI 5, Event Planning. Working in teams of two or three, the children are planning a hands-on activity to do with PYP students at our event on March 28. The event is tied into Earth Day (which is actually April 22) and focuses on environmental issues. We have been able to connect a lot of what we learned about materials and their properties in UOI 4, and then, go further exploring ways to save the earth. The G2s voted on a name for our event and “Earth Day Experience” was chosen.

The event will take place on Wednesday March 28, with Grades 1, 3, 4, 5 attending. for one period each, between 10:00 and 1:30 (breaking for lunch of course!). Parents are welcome to visit the event to witness the activities in action!

Some children are collecting materials that you may have available at home. These include: Toilet paper rolls, plastic bottles (medium size, 500 ml), bits of recycled paper (any color, even used wrapping paper),  large plastic bottle caps (from 1L or 2L jugs), wooden skewers or chopsticks. Please send in any of these if you have them!

Also, class 2B had a mystery today – the case of the missing homework. Sorry, but handwriting and math data pages were misplaced. Everyone will get them tomorrow!

This week the PYP is celebrating Artigras with many events detailed in the previous post. We look forward to an active week!

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Artigras this week!

Artigras blog

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Event Planning Discussions

We know that some of our children are still deciding what sorts of activities they could be doing as part of our event later this month.

The following are some ideas to help you have discussions with your child. We are NOT expecting, or wanting you to do the activity planning, or the preparation for them. YOUR job is to simply help facilitate the discussion.

Some inspiration can be found at:


also at:

Here are some ideas the children had during our brainstorming session:

Water Filter

Art Poster – Saving Water

Melting and recycling crayons

Flower pots from cans

Art Poster – donating and recycling clothes

Decorating cloth shopping bags

Making bird feeders

Planting herbs and taking home

Art – poster saving energy turning off lights

Colouring-in competition

Up-cycling milk containers as pencil cases.

Writing a song

Writing a script and acting out a play about recycling

Make a musical instrument

Even more ideas for Plastic Bottles:



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Press Conference

PC 6   PC 3

We held a Press Conference style questioning today where the children had the chance to elaborate on the activities they are planning to host for the G2 Event Day (it is yet to be named).

PC 2  PC 3

The questions were prepared in advance as a way to get the children to focus in on what their guests would be doing and what they would be able to take away with them as a souvenir or product of the activity.

PC 4   PC 5

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UOI 4 States of Matter – G2 Videos

IMG_4389 IMG_4390

Grade 2 enjoyed watching the whole collection of our class UOI 4 videos.

It was quite a show!

Here is the link:

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Movie Time on Wednesday

yama petch

Ready, set, ACTION!

G2 has been busy filming our UOI 4 videos. After children wrote their scripts for their presentations, they went on to practice filming with each other. Then. Mr. Karl showed them how to use iMovie to film and edit their final takes.

Here is a preview of some of our video clips:

uoi 4 video  uoi 4 video 2 . uoi 4 video 3   uoi 4 video 4

We will still be filming some groups on Monday and then completing the editing. All of the videos will be compiled into one G2 UOI 4 Movie, which will be shared with the Grade 1 classes on Wednesday, March 7 at 10:00 in the AudiBox. Parents are welcome to attend this viewing.

We will also create a YouTube link for our movie so you may watch it at home. The link will be posted on this blog. You will see a fine group of scientists!



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States of Matter – Going Further and Making Connections


From experiments to lapbooks to scripts to movies! UOI 4 has been an exciting and engaging inquiry for G2. The children have been writing their own scripts that they will use for presenting their experiments and lapbooks. This week we will be filming our presentations on iMovie.

Writing scripts has helped us develop many skills. We have been working at sequencing throughout this UOI, which has aided in writing scripts that describe steps taken in an experiment, and materials used. When looking at why materials changed, we were making inferences and drawing conclusions. Checklists were used to help in partner sharing of presentations and peer editing of scripts.

We look forward to developing our filming and editing skills this week.  And then compiling our presentations to share with the Grade 1 classes, and our G2 parents.

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It’s great getting videos from mum and dad showing their children doing homework. Here is Sabrina in G2A creating arrays at home.

Sabrina 1 Sabrina 2

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Mystery Skype with Trinity Boys School Melbourne Australia

IMG_4368 IMG_4365 Today the Grade 2s had the chance to chat with other students far away in Australia.

We asked them questions about the place in which they lived and they asked us questions about KIS, Bangkok and Thailand.

It was so much fun to be able to write for a purpose creating questions, taking notes and answering questions.

IMG_4364Mystery Skype

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Chinese New Year Dress- Up


EY1 – Grade 2 students are welcome to dress-up on Tuesday to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Children may dress in red, or wear Chinese costumes to school.

Happy New Year!

It’s the Year of the Dog!

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