Monday, February 15, 2021

Last week was a fun-filled week with plenty of visitors who volunteered to come speak with our students and inspire us to be more balanced in our lives!

In math, we are beginning to inquire into how subtraction is connected to addition, and different strategies that we can use to do mental math subtraction problems.

For our reading, we continued to focus on non-fiction texts related to our UOI, and how to find key details and information in a reading. We learned quite a lot this week about mental and spiritual health, and how to deal with stress, the importance of sleep, and how to be in the present and not worry about the future or the past sometimes.

For writing, we are writing another personal narrative. This time, we are focusing on including all of the different elements of writing that we have studied during this UOI – time transition words, dialogue, description.

We will be finishing up this unit next week, and then moving onto our fifth unit of this year – States of Matter.

Overall, it was a very exciting week, which ended with the celebration of Chinese New Year on Friday!



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